Hey There, The Hayberry

By Anna May
16th Jun 2015

My search for the perfect buffalo wing in Sydney has become something of an obsession. You see, they need to be the perfect balance of spicy and vinegary, there should be a slight crunch from the crispy skin underneath all of the sauce (serious bonus points if said sauce is Frank’s Red Hot), and the accompanying blue cheese dressing should be just strong enough to cool the wings without overpowering the flavour. Like I said, obsession.

Luckily for me, (or pretty much anyone looking for some delicious Buffalo wings in Sydney) Crows Nest bar and diner The Hayberry exists. Adding to the spread of small bars and restaurants on Sydney’s North Shore, this one is decked out like an American saloon, and has the food and cocktails to match. 

Owner Steve Jones knows the wing struggle all too well, and I am pleased to say the Buffalo wings at The Hayberry meet all of my very official and important criteria. If you just can’t get enough of that tangy sauce, grab yourself a side of waffle fries to mop it all up, then just give up and use your finger like I did.

For da boyz, there are plenty of rotating craft beers on tap to quench your thirst, as well as a few tinnies, because they can. But if it’s cocktail o’clock, go for one of the freshly juiced apple concoctions, the spicy rimmed Mexican with jalapeno-infused tequila, cucumber and agave syrup is a great start.

If you love your wings, but want to try something else, there are plenty of food porn-worthy items on the menu, namely the 10 different burgers on offer. As someone that likes to trust the team, I let Steve pick out the whipper burger, and I wasn’t disappointed. It had all the makings of a great burger; tender patty, American cheese, soft but not-too-sweet bun, and some lettuce, tomato and onion (some would say, burger essentials).

And just because there’s no reason to hold back when you’re already swimming in fried goods, a towering bowl of bacon and cheese fries was necessary. And being the respectable foodie I am, I punished it with the force of 10,000 Trojans. It was everything you would imagine; hot, crispy fries with gooey melted cheese and morsels of crispy bacon throughout. Yes, I added Buffalo wing sauce, worth it. 

So don’t try to resist, just get all up in ‘dem wings and don’t bother feeling embarrassed about having sauce all over your face. I didn’t.

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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