Hogs And Kisses | We Check Out Pork’d

By Anna May
21st Apr 2015

The doors opened at this new Sydney restaurant last week, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out for yourself, allow us to paint a pig-ture. 

All jokes aside (not really, there are plenty more coming), Pork’d is the newest creation from the guys behind Red Lantern, and they’ve teamed up with The Royal Albert Hotel Group to bring you an array of top-quality barbequed meats, some epic craft beers and a few of their own well-mannered wines for good measure.

After spending some time in Portland, Oregon, chef Mark Jensen was inspired by the plethora of craft breweries and food trucks available in the city and pitched the idea when he returned. Six weeks later, the doors opened and they have quickly become the pork of the town. 

There’s nothing boar-ing about the menu here. Sure, you’ll get pork, but there are some tap beers from WA’s Feral Brewing, a number of wines, and a whole lot of satisfaction awaiting you too.

The restaurant’s open-kitchen style is conducive to the venue’s relaxed vibe. The menu has clear instructions on how to get Pork’d: bags a table, order your beer, peruse the menu and head through to the kitchen to get your feast. The menu is relatively small, but you’ll definitely be getting bang for your buck. The $25-per-person piggy plate features a chef’s selection of swiney dishes that will have you squealing in delight. Note: keep an eye on your cheese kransky, that juicy bad boy has a mind of its own and has been known to squirt cheese onto neighbouring guests. If you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it, 100 grams of any of the piggy items will only set you back $9. Team said pork with crinkle cut fries or Pork’d slaw and you’ll be going “wee wee wee wee” all the way home.

Wanting more? Full meals of hoisin baby back ribs, or a Pork’d roll of the day (Vietnamese or American style, whatever you fancy) are delicious and perfectly saucy ways to get your fix of oinky goodness.

So what are you waiting for? Head on in, grab a table, select your pork and beer and get ready for a pig-nic! 

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Image credit: Chas McKinnon

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