Melbourne’s Chin Chin Is Officially Setting Up Camp In Surry Hills

By Anna May
15th May 2015

Image credit: Chin Chin

Remember that time you had a hankering for Chin Chin’s mouth-watering suckling pig pancake rolls, so you jumped on a plane and got a cab straight to the Melbourne restaurant for a feast? Or was that just us? Either way, you won’t have to do that much longer, because one of Melbourne’s best restaurants is going to set up shop in Sydney. We’re not even going to bother asking if we can have a hells yeah for that one. 

Like all new and trendy things before it, Chin Chin Sydney has picked Surry Hills as its location of choice, namely the iconic Griffith Tea building on Wentworth Avenue. When we asked owner Chris Lucas for the scoop on this location, he told us, “We looked in many areas throughout Sydney, ultimately it was the building itself which drove the location decision. The Griffith Tea building is exactly what we were looking for… I am excited by the feel of Surry Hills, it’s such a beautiful area with an eclectic mix of urban culture, which I love.”

But if you think it’s going to be all same same, you’d be wrong. Chris Lucas assures us the Sydney Chin Chin “will be different in many ways to the original Melbourne. I want to embrace the local feel and style of Sydney, which is always first and foremost in whatever we do. Engaging with the local community and culture is extremely important to us with all of our venues.”

Chin Chin Sydney is expected to open later this year, watch this space for more info.

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