Stop Everything, Because China Diner Are Now Serving Yum Cha!

By Anna May
13th May 2015

Image credit: Prudence Blain

Anyone searching for a decent yum cha in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs knows that it is no easy feat, and after settling for below-average food court dumplings for far too long, we are beyond elated to announce that one of Sydney’s best Chinese restaurants is now serving up mouth-watering yum cha on weekends. That’s right; Bondi locals and hangry Easterners need not trek very far for the ultimate hangover cure. And considering you’re sinking your teeth into some of the best dumplings in Sydney, you’ll be surprised at how happy your bank account will be after you chow.

You won’t find any ladies with trolleys at this 200-seater restaurant, but rather an interactive ordering system where you’ll simply tick a box on the menu and order to your hearts content. 

Okay, we’re sorry, we can hear you screaming:  WHAT’SONTHEBLOODYMENU!? Well, let us tell you there is so much goodness. The menu is split into three sections: smalls, mediums/bigs, and desserts. For smalls, think of a magical dumpling land, where you’ll find everything from your favourite prawn har gao and pork belly bao buns, to decadent duck, pumpkin and truffle or crispy lamb and chilli dumplings. When the time comes for mediums and bigs, you better believe your favourite sweet and sour chilli pork belly is patiently waiting for you to tick its box and gobble it up. If you wish to be a little more saintly, the steamed tamarind barramundi is the stuff of dreams. Sweet-wise, you’ll find your favourite mango pudding, coconut sago, or black sticky rice on the dessert menu. 

We know what you’re thinking: sooo, can I get boozed? We’re so glad you asked. You’ll be able to pair your cha with any of China Diner’s delicious cocktails, a super classy Tsing Tao long neck, or even just some warming Chinese tea. 

They’ll take bookings for tables of 6 or more, which is an even better reason to get your favourite group of eaters together and order everything. 

We’ve done our bit, now it’s up to you to eat so much you turn into a dumpling – what a way to go!

Yum cha at China Diner Bondi will kick off this weekend, opening doors at 12pm and last orders at 4:30pm. 

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