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Sydney Is Getting Its First Ever Vegan Pub!

By Simone Jovel
7th Sep 2016

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Hold on to your lettuce leaves, because Sydney is getting it first ever, and quite frankly long overdue, vegan pub. A vegan pub bistro in fact. The Green Lion will open in Rozelle later this month and we think it’s safe to say there will be a hungry crowd waiting at its doors.

On the menu will be veganised (we swear that’s a word) traditional pub fare from burgers to hand-cut fried fish and chips, good ol’ bangers and mash, along with not-dogs (see what they did there?), nachos, and pies, and if you know us you know we love a good a pie, animals products or no animal products.

For what it’s worth, is this not the perfect new place for meat free Mondays? We have a sneaking suspicions it won’t just be our vegan friends jumping aboard this one.

To celebrate their entrance into Sydney’s pub scene the team behind the Green Lion will hold a free launch party, before plating up its complete menu of cruelty free, sustainable, plant-food delights the following day.

The Green Lion is officially open for business on September 18.

The Details:

What: The Green Lion Launch Party
Where: Rozelle
When: September 17
Cost: Free

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Image credit: Steve Christo

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