The Best Sydney Brunch Spots For Patting Other People’s Dogs

By Anna May
30th Jun 2015

Pro: you love puppies, and have an insane amount of love to give to one of your very own. Con: You live in Sydney and pay too much rent for a tiny apartment. 

And if, like us, you’re not quite in the right time of your life to get a furry friend, sometimes you have to stalk other people in order to fulfil your dog pat quota. Lucky for all the other dog lovers out there, we are seasoned experts in finding a cute canine to befriend while chowing down on breakfast, so here are the best brunch spots in Sydney to play with some dogs that may or may not be your own.

Bondi Farmers Market


It’s no secret that we love the Bondi Farmers Market so much we may move in there (have you seen our Instagram feed?), and yes, we do enjoy the wonderfully fresh produce and delicious breakfast food. But we also really, really love that literally every man and his dog is there. Bonus? There is a puppy parking station an both entrances, so there’s none of that slightly embarrassing moment where you make eye contact with the dog, then hope the owner stops so you can tell it what a good boy it is, then give up and chase after it. Or is that just us?

Fleetwood Macchiato


They had us at puns, and they’ll have us again at pugs. This delicious Erskineville café makes us drool with their famous coffee and creative breakfasts to boot. Grab a table outside and try not to lose your cool when a lovely Labrador comes up for a sniff. If you’re anything like us, your cool will be lost immediately and said Labrador may end up sharing your scrambled eggs. Worth it, if you ask us.

Laneway Café 


This northside café is a favourite among locals and people who generally enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch in a leafy courtyard. Majority of the seating is outdoors, so you know what that means: puppies. The wait staff at Laneway Café swear they know more dogs’ names than customers, but that’s not to say they won’t wow you with their stacked-high bacon and egg roll. When you do head there, keep an eye out for Jax, a local pooch that has made the café his hangout, so there is plenty of patting to be done!

The Grumpy Baker


When a café is a short walk from a dog-friendly oval, you can be sure it is prime position for dog patting. The Grumpy Baker has more freshly baked goods than you can throw a ball at, and plenty of perfectly groomed pooches hoping for a bite of your muffin. Keep an eye out for Alfie the Springer Spaniel, he’s probably the only reason we’d part with our delicious Grumpy crusts.



Whether you’re a local or just want to get out of your local hangs for the day, Smalltown is a great option. There are freshly-made doughnuts in wacky-but-delicious flavours, delicious coffee and plenty of share-worthy plates to choose between. We get way too excited about the perfectly purple berry smoothie. Whatever you order, Smalltown is the ideal spot to grab breakfast, buy the paper, cut two holes in it and try to act casual when a pupster strolls by. 

Café Bones


Opening its (doggie) doors in 2000, Café Bones is the original dog-friendly café in Sydney. And you’ll be in safe hands, because they really are one step ahead of your doggie obsession, offering puppaccinos (we die), adorable gourmet doggie biscuits, and plenty of human-friendly food to keep you happy while you pretend the dogs are yours. 

Black Penny

Surry Hills

We love a ridiculously tasty breakfast as much as the next person, but we love a friendly, playful pup just a bit more. Luckily, Surry Hills café and bar Black Penny offers both, so it’s a win-win for everyone. They’re pretty laid-back here, so you can build your own dream breakfast (or grab a bagel if thinking is too hard in the morning), while you make some furry friends along the way.

The Boathouse

Shelly Beach

If there’s a goldmine for happy hound, it’s a café that sits happily at the end of a well-known walking trail. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at the newest member of The Boathouse family at Shelly Beach. Plenty of locals walk their pooches down the path and plonk themselves down for a well-earned coffee while you make friends with their gorgeous mate. 

Image credit: Boo The Dog

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