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By Sophia Fukunishi
22nd Apr 2015

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Sophia Fukunishi, our Sydney Editor shares what’s on her radar: From wine to skincare and all things gold, these are Sophia’s needs/wants/loves right now.

Alpha H’s Liquid Gold

This cult beauty product is new to my beauty regime and I’m already in love with it. It makes my skin smooth and clear and TBH, I love the tingle when I put it on. The formula for Liquid Gold hasn’t changed in 15 years, which tells me that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Clare Vivier OUI clutch

I admit that I have too many bags, but it doesn’t stop me from desperately lusting over this Clare Vivier clutch. It’s just a bit fun and I always need more monochrome in my life.

Majolini brut

I was lucky enough to have lunch at Ormeggio a few weeks ago and the meal I had was accompanied by wines from this small Italian winery. Known as the “champagne” of Italy, Majolini sparkling wines are more delicate than champagne and are just as, if not more, lovely to drink. They're available from The Wog With The Grog (great name).

KX Pilates

I’ve been going to KX Pilates since they opened their Surry Hills studio and I love it. The classes are small, the workouts are tough (but fun) and the classes only go for 50 minutes, which is good for my easily bored self.

Olaplex hair treatment at Crown Hair

So I’m one of those people who blow dry their hair everyday, which leaves my hair pretty ruined, much to the anguish of my hairdresser. The guys at Crown Hair put me onto this hair treatment (which is designed for those lightening their hair) and my hair feels so good afterward that I’m already looking forward to my next treatment.

The new bar menu at Catalina

So we can’t always afford to have dinner at Catalina, but a good option for date night is heading in and trying out Catalina’s new (and affordable) bar menu. The Jamon Iberico and tomato bruschetta is the kind of food I dream of, especially in that stomach-grumbly hour before lunchtime.

Crème Simon Multi Benefits Eye Treatment Gel

This compact eye gel is the perfect eye area pick-me-up in the mornings. The little metal applicator ball is nice and cool, which makes me feel like it’s making the area less puffy and dark.

Colourful coffee cups from Venus Whole Foods

I get it… Some mornings are tough. Fortunately, they’re made less tough with coffee and even less tough when they come in colourful cups designed by local artists. These ones from Venus Whole Foods are by Dave Homer and make my mornings like 142% better.

Zimmermann tarot fan skirt

My addiction to gold is borderline Kardashian. Find me the option in gold and I’m sold. This Zimmermann gold skirt is all kinds of amazing and my wardrobe won’t be complete without it. 

Coco Crush jewellery range from Chanel

Again with the gold thing. Chanel’s new range of jewellery is giving me little heart palpitations. Taking inspiration from their classic quilted leather bags, the pieces come in yellow and white gold, and make me wish I had more fingers (FYI, I have the standard ten) and money.

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