Top 10 Spots To Schmooze During Mumbrella360

By Anna May
28th May 2015

Image credit: Tanya Lee, Anita Wilhelm and Lisa Brooke

So, you’ve met your dream boss/client/best friend at Mumbrella360 and you’re desperate to get in front of them to prove why you’re the only person who is worthy of their time (or texts). You finally get their attention but have no idea what Sydney restaurant to book so you can schmooze the pants off them. Quelle horreur!

Worry not, ambitious friends, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some of the best restaurants in Sydney guaranteed to impress the object of your professional attention.

When It's Corporate O'Clock...


Angel Place

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a hungry person in possession of good company must be in want of the chilli caramel pork belly at China Lane. Legend has it that many a deal has been wheedled at this epic Sydney restaurant, so it’s a top choice if you’re into mixing business with pleasure. 

How far: 8 minute walk from Mumbrella360


George Street

We give daily thanks to Mark Best and his quirky menu at Pei Modern. It’s all about intrigue and delight with a stellar wine menu to match, because God forbid if you’re doing this thing dry. We highly recommend the duck liver parfait doughnut to begin, and then share the Milly Hill lamb shoulder, to show you’re a team player.
How far: 13 minute walk from Mumbrella360

Dictatorial Dietary Requirements 



In our opinion, nothing brings people together like a big plate of meat, especially when said people are dudes discussing digital and data. Sharing is caring, so get one of everything and just let the meat sweats happen. It’s all good at LP's.

How far: 7 minute cab ride from Mumbrella360


Potts Point

The secret to the schmooze is to not overthink it, keep it chill with a casual saganaki (fried cheese) with honey and oregano, or go all out and insist on the full Greek menu at this excellent Sydney restaurant. What better way to recap on Mumbrella360 while you enjoy the oven-baked lamb shoulder and shamelessly self promote. Add the optional Ouzo, just because you can at The Apollo.

How far: 13 minute cab ride from Mumbrella360

If You’re Looking To Play It Cool



If the brief is to find a spot that will position you as the ultimate Sydney cool kid, Café Paci is your place. This Sydney pop-up restaurant is so hip even the Surry Hills crowd can’t keep up. As for conversation starters, look no further than the menu in front of you—the cryptic descriptions such as “photato” will help maintain the flow, even when the brand chatter starts to get a bit old. We won’t spoil all the fun, but Cafe Paci is a great spot for inking deals. Trust us. 

How far: 13 minute walk from Mumbrella360



Just around the corner from the aforementioned LP’s, and frequently topping our lists of the best restaurants in Sydney, Ester will get the fire burning while you’re cooking up some long-lasting partnerships. Bonds are made over Ester's woodfire-roasted oysters, while the blood sausage sanga is a real talking point.

How far: 7 minute cab ride from Mumbrella360


Potts Point

Just a quick cab ride away from the CBD, new Sydney restaurant, ACME is the perfect spot to get your schmooze on—it strikes the perfect balance between cool and intimate, which is what you want when you’re entertaining some of Australia’s great marketing minds. And, in our opinion, there’s no better way to make deals than over ACME’s famous macaroni with egg yolk and pigs head—don’t knock it ‘til you try it. 

How far: 10 minute cab ride from Mumbrella360

For Something A Little More Relaxed


Surry Hills

If you’re trying to convince someone to join you for a work-meets-play dinner, casually drop in a mention of Nomad’s goats cheese churros with truffle honey, and you’ll see their ears prick. Need to try harder? Throw in the $65 per head feed-me menu and they’ll be putty in your hands. There’s a stellar wine list to match, which is perfect when you’re trying to get into someone’s… rolodex. 

How far: 15 minute walk from Mumbrella360



When it comes to getting down to business, sometimes it can be easier in a small bar, and what better place than one named after a notorious Sydney crime figure? Conversation needing a bit of lubrication? Choose from Love, Tilly Devine's list of over 300 wines (yes, 300) and let the bottle do the schmoozing for you.

How far: 13 minute walk from Mumbrella360



LuMi is Italian for small lights, which is the second thing you’ll notice when stepping into this Sydney restaurant, the first being the stellar waterfront views. If you’re really looking to pull out all of the stops, LuMi is the perfect schmoozing spot, and the food is out-of-this-world delicious, so you’ll certainly be in the good books. 

How far: 17 minute walk from Mumbrella360

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