Waterfront Dining At The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

By Sophia Fukunishi
5th May 2015

Image credit: The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

There’s nothing quite like dining by the water to make you feel a little bit fancy. And fancy you shall feel when you’re drinking and dining at new Sydney restaurant, The Gantry

Now, before you think this fanciness translates to stuffy and uptight, think again. While the location is top notch (it’s almost directly under the Harbour Bridge at Pier One) and the space is impressive, the mood itself is relaxed and friendly. Not quite sure what wine to order? Can’t decide on mains? We hear you (our menu indecisiveness, at times, can be crippling). Fortunately, the staff at The Gantry are always happy to help and offer suggestions meaning you’ll leave feeling full, happy and thinking about your next visit.

The food focus at The Gantry Restaurant & Bar is on local and market fresh produce. Executive chef Chris Irving says of the ingredients, “We are taking an effortless approach—stripping back and allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. We want to ensure every guest that walks through our doors leaves with an appreciation of where the food comes from and the people who produce it.”

Seafood fans will be happy here. With an impressive looking seafood display offering the freshest of sea creatures, diners can create their own seafood menu. Choose from fresh shucked oysters, Eastern rock lobsters, Balmain bugs or QLD king prawns—which are cooked with your choice of fresh lemon and nahm jim or grilled with garlic butter (we went with the garlic butter because, garlic and butter).

The mains are substantial and offer classic modern Australian fare with their Cone Bay barramundi and their 1.2kg (yep, one point two kilos!) Tomahawk steak being their standouts. We couldn’t go past the barramundi, which was perfectly cooked and came with asparagus, lemon gremolata and rosemary chats (we are suckers for a well-cooked potato). The fresh linguini was also on our must-eat list and while being pasta, wasn’t overly heavy or food coma inducing.

And finally, onto dessert. While the mango parfait with coconut and coriander caught our eye, we have a soft spot for cheeseboards. The Gantry’s cheeseboard comes with three Australian cheeses and a number of sides that will push you over the edge from the realm of pleasantly full to where-are-my-elasticised-pants-I-need-to-lie-down, which doesn’t speak badly of the cheeseboard but actually how generous it is. Definitely do not go in on this alone—you’ll need back up!

Perfect for a long lunch with friends (we’re big fans of those) or for date night, The Gantry is one Sydney waterfront restaurant to add to your hit list. We’ll see you there—we’ll be the ones ogling the seafood display

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