10 Daily Swaps To Make You Adult Like A Boss

By Rachel Lay
29th Sep 2017

Dare Iced Coffee

Don’t get us started on adulting, please. We’ve already had to quash those expectations our eight year old self had for 23 year old us, because—shockingly, might we add—we aren’t married, rich CEOs with a bunch of kids, with a wardrobe full of designer threads, and hundreds of adorable puppies. Rude. As the big 3-0 draws closer and closer, making us realise that adulting actually starts way before 30, we’ve teamed up with proper adults, Dare Coffee Co, to bring you ten daily swaps to make you feel more Elle Woods post break-up, rather than pre. Which is always the goal, really.

#1. Swap Your Barista For Savings

We’ve teamed up with Dare Coffee Co. to celebrate the launch of their new Dare Cold Pressed, which is seriously fancy. So fancy, you can even forgo your daily splurge with your barista. For real, it’s that legit. So swap the small talk and awkward coffee runs with your co-worker, already!

#2. Swap Daily Lunch Splurges For Gourmet 

Look, there’s only so long you can go on forgetting lunch (every. single. day.) before you send yourself bankrupt. Swap your daily lunch splurge for some gourmet at-home meal prep and watch your savings pile up, and the look of judgment from your co-workers each time you ask if anyone else is keen for some takeaway slip away. It’s a win-win, really. Our fave pick for meal prep is simple but delicious: pop a chicken breast in some alfoil with some crushed garlic, olive oil, and herbs, wrap it up and bake for 20 minutes. Serve with a pre-packaged mixed salad and just like that you’ve got a darn delicious lunch. Bonus points if you actually remember to bring it to work! 

#3. Swap Lying On The Couch For A Six Pack

You know you’re an adult when you start actually exercising...and like it! Get into a super simple, easy routine each morning or night and work out for free using Youtube or apps. No exxy gym memberships, no embarrassing yourself in front of a room full of strangers—winning! We're such a fan of this hack we've even written a whole article about our faves! You and your six pack can thank us later...

#4. Swap Snoozing For Productive Starts

You’ll never make friends with your alarm—that’s a cold hard truth for you. Did you know that sleeping after hitting snooze is technically bad for you? You're creating a disturbed sleeping pattern which means you might as well just get up, TBH. Before we wake up, our body is already hard at work prepping us for the day ahead and making sure we rise and shine at a healthy time. To break up with your snooze button, make sure you go to bed early, set your alarm for a realistic time (if there’s time on the clock to snooze, you’ll snooze and if there isn’t you won’t—simple), and let some natural light shine through. Pretty sure you just became a morning person. 

#5. Swap Plastic Bags For Green Bags

By now we all know that plastic bags are the worst. If you’ve got a stash under your kitchen cupboard the good news is that their impact on the environment lessens with each use, so to help the environment on a budget just reuse those bad boys! Or, stash up on some Green Bags and just try to remember not to leave them in the car when you hit the shops...

#6. Swap Facebook For LinkedIn Scrolling

We’d be kidding ourselves if we said we’d stop wasting away our time scrolling mindlessly through social media. But, get your adult on and swap Facebook memes for professional think pieces and updates on a platform like LinkedIn or Medium. Plus, this way your boss can’t get upset when they see a questionable Facebook post up on your screen.

#7. Swap Groceries For Farmers Markets

There is truly no greater moment of adulthood than waking up early on the weekend and stocking up on fresh fruit and veg at the weekend markets with the aforementioned Green Bags in tow. Now that you’ve broken up with your snooze button, you’ve got to make the most of all that extra morning time you have now, right? Plus, markets mean there will be loads of cute pups to pat as you browse.

#8. Swap House Red For Your Fave Red

There’s a defining moment that separates twenty somethings from adults: actually knowing wtf wine you’re ordering, rather than opting for the cheapest house red. You can’t beat an app like Wine Advisor that pools collective reviews to help you pick a wine. Another way to choose your drop is by region. If shiraz is your thing, opt for a bottle from Australia's Barossa Valley or McLaren Vale. Or, if you prefer a crisp white, you can't go past a sauvignon blanc from Western Australia's Margaret River. And hey, if all else fails just pick your waiter’s brain!

#9. Swap Chaos For A Sweet Tax Return

Tax is synonymous with being an adult. Gone are the days of pretending tax was all a dream. Download an app like Etax accountants, Xero or the ATO’s app to keep track of receipts as you get them—not scrunched up in your bag, thank you!—and to make sure you’re ready to go come tax season. We’d also suggest booking in with an accountant to make sure your claims are legit. Soz, you probably can’t claim that splurge at Zimmerman on “work clothes.”

#10. Swap A Dead Battery For A Charging Bank

Hands up whose phone battery is constantly teetering between 20 and 10 percent?! Put your adulting hat on and opt for a charging bank to keep in your bag for those times when you’re trying to order an Uber home, but you’ve got 1%. Plus, you can even get cases and wallets that have chargers built in! Adulting has never looked so good!

Feeling about 10 years more mature now?! Treat yourself to a Dare Cold Pressed as a reward. You’ve earnt it.  

Editor's note: This article was produced in partnership with Dare Coffee Co. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. For information on our editorial policy, click here

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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