18 Reasons It’s Awesome Being A Queenslander

By Alice Lane
23rd May 2016

Ask any Queenslander why they live in the best state in Australia and you'll get garbled responses of: the weather, the beach, the sunshine. We took it one step further and came up with 18 reasons why it's bloody awesome being a Queenslander. 

1. 7400km of glorious coastline. White sandy beaches, coral reefs and a string of islands. What’s not to love?

2. We kill it in the food game, but especially in delicious breakfasts. Here's 50 you need to try!

3. We’re known as the sunshine state for good reason – 364 days of sunshine a year. Okay, it’s actually an average of 261 days of sunshine but it feels like 364, right?

4. Queensland has 5 of Australia’s 11 World Natural Heritage areas. Yep we’re punching well above our weight: The Scenic Rim National Parks, Fraser Island, Riversleigh Fossil Fields, The Wet Tropics and one of the wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef.

5. The Great Barrier Reef. Yep, it’s that bloody spectacular it deserves two mentions!

6. We can wear thongs all year round without fear of getting frostbite.

7. We’re tough. Whatever is thrown at us, we just deal. Think cyclones, heat waves, floods. Queenslanders get back up, help a mate and carry on, all while wearing a smile.

8. We love our sport. Not to mention, we’re good at it too! Anna Meares, Cathy Freeman, Jamie Dwyer, Natalie Cook, Jason Day, Pat Rafter, Wally Lewis, Laura Geitz. Yep, we’re a pretty talented bunch.

9. But seriously, after the 2012 London Olympic games, the medal results were analysed and Queensland came out on top as the best provincial performer. In. The. World.

10. Did you know, Australia’s largest international airline, QANTAS was established in Longreach? You can thank us now.

11. We have more ‘big things’ than any other state in Australia. Peanut, crab, crocodile, mango, bull, barramundi, red back, shell, Bundy rum; you name it, we’ve got a big statue to commemorate it.

12. We’ve got beaches, desert, rainforest, bush, the reef and mountains covered so there’s no real need to go anywhere else!

13. Queensland is home to Australia’s biggest theme parks, so no need to travel interstate for some old school fun.

14. We know how to produce some pretty epic sporting moments. Broncos v Cowboys NRL Grand Final anyone?

15. Oh and who could forget the Queensland Firebirds beating the NSW Swifts in the ANZ Netball Championships in the last 14 seconds of the final in 2015.

16. We produce the best tropical fruit in Australia. We have the big pineapple, mango, mandarin and orange to prove it!

17. The breweries.  Green Beacon, Burleigh, Mt Tamborine, just to name a few. Oh and of course, XXXX.

18. The Urban List originated in Queensland. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

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