20 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You’re From Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
12th Aug 2016

If you’re from Brisbane we’re guessing these 20 things will make perfect sense. If you’re not, what are you doing here? Go and read our breakfast bucket list or something. But seriously, welcome to Brisbane and stuff…

  1. HJs Square.
  2. Ziggy the bag man.  
  3. Knowing where the Cakko is.
  4. Craving a steak at the creek.
  5. The Pink House opposite New Farm Park.
  6. Expo 88.
  7. The Wally Statue.
  8. Stefan.
  9. Bush Turkeys.
  10. The stairs at Fridays.
  11. The friendly bus driver.
  12. Seeing Marilyn Monroe in the city.
  13. Chicken magic.
  14. XXXX.
  15. The panic that ensues when a friend tells you they’ve been swimming at South Bank.
  16. The tunnels at All Hallows.
  17. The giant horse on Ipswich road.
  18. Winning Origin.
  19. The nun on Milton road.
  20. The Ekka Westerly’s

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Image credit: Aussie Bird Life

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