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20 Totally Brisbane Things That Happened In 2016

By Jessica Pridmore
21st Dec 2016

best of brisbane 2016

Ahh, Brisbane, you really went all out in 2016. You did you like no one else could. To wrap up a bumper year, here's a list of pretty awesome things that happened that we're just totally Brisbane. 

  1. Apparently we all became vegans and loved it.
  2. Golden Gaytime Cronut Ice Creams took over our lives.
  3. We started carb-loading on the regs.
  4. Dog owners banded together in mutual admiration of their four-legged friends.
  5. Frosé became our most favourite drink, like, ever.
  6. Apparently we've got our shit together. #adulting.
  7. Brisbane got it's first ever Champagne festival. Because, fancy.
  8. ... And an entire day dedicated to desserts!
  9. Brissy even got an oyster festival.
  10. TBH, we went a bit oyster mad when this opened
  11. The Apple gods finally took our conversations to the next level. Hello bacon emoji.
  12. Brisbane was a city divided on who makes the best cheeseburger in town.
  13. Oh, and we fell in love with arcade games again.
  14. Our dining scene has never looked more LIT.
  15. We do outdooer-sy stuff like no one else.
  16. Drinking at bars that aren't on rooftops is for chumps.
  17. Sir David is gracing us with his presence!
  18. We couldn't even handle Hogwarts rocking up.
  19. Turns out, 50c will get you next to nothing in this town.
  20. But we'll still spend half our annual salary on brekky!

This was our most read story of 2016.

Image credit: The Doughnut Bar 

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