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21 Carb Heavy Dishes You Need To Eat In Brisbane Before Winter Ends

By Catherine Blake
20th Jul 2018


In the spirit of natural and refined carbs we’re bringing you a list of the most indulgent carb dishes at everywhere from our fine dining bistros to our favourite cheap and cheerfuls in Brisbane. We’re covering everything from pasta and pizza to potatoes and plain toast with the thumb rule that if it’s comforting and carby, we’re all for it.

Thanks to the euphoric climate we almost never get an excuse to let loose on the carb buffet with reckless abandon, so tuck into the hearty winterstuffs while the weather’s still glacial and raise some carb-laden hell.

Here are just 21 carb-heavy Brisbane dishes to get you started on a great and glorious carb binge:

  1. The unctuous duck ragu pappardelle is a menu stalwart at Julius Pizzeria, but never more appreciated then in July’s icy deathgrip. 
  2. Walter’s Steakhouse has a whole lot of protein on their menu but you can carb it up with the triumvirate of decadent potato-based sides: German fried potatoes, French fries, and velvety mash.
  3. Madame Rouge’s pain perdu, French bread pudding with dark chocolate, hazelnut ice cream, pistachio and raspberry.
  4. Besides a very fitting carbonara that will knock your socks clean off your feet, every dish at Luigi’s Italian can dial up the carbs with a side of their caramelized onion bread with parmesan and mozzarella.
  5. Double down with some carb inception at Reverends Fine Coffee courtesy of their spaghetti on toast.
  6. King Arthur knows a thing or two about winter breakfasts, and their baked beans on house cornbread with smoked mozzarella, pecorino and pickled jalapeño are just the kind of carb-heavy kickstart a cold morning calls for.
  7. The entire menu at Salt Meats Cheese is a hectic carby wonderland, but the thing that has our heart and soul is their parmesan cheese wheel spaghetti, available Wednesdays.
  8. For the freshest Italian gnocchi around, check out the goods at Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers. Their wild mushroom and truffle gnocchi is a signature dish for a very good reason.
  9. Wednesday night is parmy night at Jessie’s Girl, and whether you opt for chicken or eggplant their hearty parmies provide ultimate carb content.
  10. And while we’re thinking about Jessie’s, why not stay on for lasagne night on Thursday. They’ve even got vego and vegan options so bring the full pack.
  11. La Pinsa’s pasta and Roman-style pizzas are a goddamn revelation of carby deliverance. On the slice, we like the San Daniele with prosciutto and mozzarella, and on the fork we’re all about the tortelli with ricotta and duck.
  12. Known for their dish on the sign, Taro’s Ramen is hands down Brisbane’s ultimate ramen stop.
  13. Wrapture literally serves most of their menu wrapped in carbs, and in winter we dig on the Power Ranger breakfast wrap with bacon, egg, halloumi and relish.
  14. Pancakes what kind of winter would it be if we didn’t treat ourselves to a stack of hotcakes? For something tasty that’ll leave an impression, Penny Coffee Co’s ricotta and orange hotcakes with rose-poached pear, saffron honey, and mango cardamom gelato is where it’s at.
  15. Melt Brother’s MC Cheesy toasted sanga, stuffed with mac and cheese, maple bacon, BBQ sauce, aioli, mozzarella and cheddar. Add potato gems, because why the heck not?
  16. A box of Alphabet Cafe’s fresh doughnuts, which technically counts as a dish if you eat it off a plate.  
  17. Pearl Café’s got a heartwarming risotto stuffed with asparagus and fennel and served with grilled chicken, peas and preserved lemon for some sharpness.
  18. The triple cheeseburger from Special Rub will get you through the winter with three times the patties and a side of fries.
  19. The chili fries at Tippler’s Tap are pulling no punches with Grandma Kennedy’s beef and bean chilli on top of beer-battered fries with cheese.
  20. The porridge from Atticus Finch is a sweet and sacred winner, complete with poached pear and berries.
  21. Tocco Italiano's buffalo ricotta-stuffed ravioli with eggplant and a parsley emulsion. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie for The Urban List

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