24 Reasons Why Brisbane Is the Most Liveable City Ever!

By Siobhan Taylor
1st Dec 2016

Brisbane most liveable city ever

Ah, Brisbane. Easily one of the world’s most liveable cities. With a lot of chat going around lately about Sydney and Melbourne tussling for top spot, Brisbane’s got the lifestyle, the coastlines, and the weather to prove it deserves first place.

In honour of this amazing city—and to rub it in our southern sisters’ faces just a little bit—here are 24 reasons Brisbane is the #real most liveable city in the world.

  1. Brisbane basks in that golden glow of 261 perfect sunny days each year (Melbourne only has 185… Suckers).
  2. On that train of thought, all that vitamin D keeps us happy and strong.
  3. Oh, you want to go to the beach? Just pick one! Burleigh, Tweed Heads, Noosa, Caloundra, Coolangatta, Kings Beach, Southport, Sunshine Beach…
  4. Or maybe I can tempt you with one of our amazing islands only an hour away? Moreton Island, Bribie Island, Stradbroke Island…
  5. Things are slightly more affordable, meaning I can have my smashed avo on toast every Saturday and still dream of buying a house—just (sorry to my Sydney pals who can’t relate).
  6. We don’t need to fork out extra $$$ on flights to festivals like Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, or Woodford Folk Festival. That leaves more money to spend on food trucks. Win.
  7. Specialty coffee and craft beer without the snobbery—maybe something Melbourne needs a hand with?
  8. Laneways that are full of bars and cafes, not tourists taking photos of the graffiti.
  9. Thongs are appropriate attire for (almost) any event.
  10. We have a beach in the middle of town!
  11. Have we forgotten the iconic World Expo ’88????? Southbank wouldn’t be the same without it.
  12. We are the birth place of musical thundercats Ball Park Music. And we can’t forget Dune Rats, The Go-Betweens, Powderfinger, Savage Garden, Violent Soho and The Veronicas. There must be something in the water up here…
  13. We’ve made peace with nature. Snakes in our backyards, turkeys and ibis’ on uni campuses, possums sneaking into our homes… It’s all part of the experience.
  14. Have you seen a Brisbane thunderstorm before? Magnificent. Wild. Awe-inspiring. Just make sure you to move your car under cover…
  15. Some historians claim it was a Brisbanite who invented Goon of Fortune. So. Yeah.
  16. Our nightlife is mostly located in one area so you don’t need to pay big dollars getting from one precinct to another.
  17. Remember that time Queensland won a record breaking 8 State of Origin series in a row?
  18. Brisbane has no claim over the Great Barrier Reef BUT we are a whole lot closer to it than our southern counterparts. Hell, we’ll take it…
  19. The 2018 Commonwealth Games are being held 50 minutes down the road on the Gold Coast! So, that’s pretty cool I guess.
  20. Brisbane is a cultural epicentre and we’ve got the art galleries to prove it. 
  21. Going to the beach in winter is completely possible, with the temperature staying comfortable in the mid-20’s.
  22. Ever heard of Karl Stefanovic? Hilarious bloke. Yeah, he’s ours.
  23. I have been told by many backpackers that Brisbane is Australia’s best city. Chalk that one up, too.
  24. We have a sense of humour, we love to banter and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Why else would we write this list?

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