25 Thoughts Everyone Has Had At 3.30pm

By Rachel Lay
11th Sep 2017

Dare Cold Pressed

Oh 3:30pm, we know you well. You’re that time the clock seems to freeze on after having a crazy-productive morning, and after the excitement from pausing for your lunch break has worn off. 3:30pm is often marked by three easily recognisable symptoms: firstly, you’re procrastinating (hard), secondly, you’re craving something sugary, and lastly, you need a damn coffee.

Our good friends over at Dare Coffee Co. are no strangers to those feels, hence the introduction of their newest product; Dare Cold Pressed Coffee to seriously nix those 3:30pm blues. 

Now go on, read this article as you procrastinate the afternoon away.

  1. Yasss! Home time is less than two hours away.
  2. Oh shit, my to-do list should not be this full at 3:30pm.
  3. Time for a coffee then?
  4. I’ll just refresh my mind with some online shopping.
  5. K, there goes my paycheck.
  6. Lollies. Someone get me lollies.
  7. Or chocolate.
  8. Should I pre-order my delivery dinner NOW?
  9. I wonder if my cat understands me when I say I love you?
  10. I should clean my desk!
  11. Time to water the office plants.
  12. I wonder how much time I can pass walking to the bathroom?
  13. I should probably grab another coffee.
  14. Now is probably a great time to check my Facebook feed.
  15. Maybe just one more time incase anything has changed.
  16. I wonder if my friends have tagged me in any memes.
  17. I should tag my friends in some memes.
  18. Did I forget to eat lunch?
  19. I should organise my filing cabinet.
  20. Does anyone have a nail file?
  21. Maybe if I just stare at this task it will do itself.
  22. How about if I just distract myself with some horoscopes.
  23. I guess someone should probably organise the kitchen drawer, right?
  24. Ohhhhhhh there’s a deal on flights to that place I’ve never wanted to go to!
  25. Oh great, it’s only 3:35 now!

Need a coffee? Do yourself a favour and check out the new Dare Cold Pressed and say a big old “see ya” to that three-thirtyitis of yours.

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