6 (Active!) Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Noosa

By Rachel Lay
13th Dec 2016

Noosa Ocean Swim
Ocean Swim Noosa
Ocean Swim Noosa
Ocean Swim Noosa
Noosa Ocean Swim
Ocean Swim Noosa
Ocean Swim Noosa
Ocean Swim Noosa

Ah Noosa. The sleepy little town where time slows down, your responsibilities fade away, calories don’t count, and you can pretty much forget about your real life. Except not really, because there’s so much on in Noosa this summer that you’d be a damn fool to miss out on the action. If the idyllic scenery, epic eats, and chance to get away weren’t enough for you, here’s another 6 reasons to check out Noosa, stat.

#1 Find Your Zen With Beachside Yoga

Yoga is pretty darn blissful as it is. But beachside yoga? That’s a whole other level! Head down to Noosa Main Beach for a free sesh of stretch yoga on the beach bright and early, courtesy of World Series Swim’s Noosa Summer Swim. Is there anything better than finding your zen, happy place on the shores of one of the country’s prettiest beaches? Not really, no. So pack your yoga matt, chuck on your swimmers and hot foot it to Noosa already, why don’t you!

#2 Ocean Swims—They’re The New Fun Run After All!

Ocean Swims are the new fun run, haven’t you heard? Whether you’re a hard-core fitness fanatic or just want to squeeze in a touch of exercise between your beachside naps and afternoon cocktails, there’s an ocean swim for you! Life hack: why not plan your trip to Noosa around World Series Swim’s Noosa Summer Swim? If you’re all about the social scene, the social swim is for you (duh!), but if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll want to check out the 3km swim. There’s a swim to suit everyone (even the lil’ tackers), so check out their website to find the perfect swim for you.

#3 Swim A Marathon

If a regular ol’ ocean swim isn’t impressive enough, then this one is for you; the 5km Grand Prix is a marathon distance swim. Yikes, we admire anyone who can handle this one! ‘What’s involved?’ we hear you sheepishly ask. It’s a pretty epic multi-lap course around the sheltered waters of Noosa main beach. If it sounds easy, we hate to break it to you, but it’s really not. This one is contested by Australia’s most elite swimmers, so if you’re game and have what it takes, hop to it and sign up now.

#4 Rent A Canoe

If catching a glimpse of the mainland from the deep blue mid ocean swim isn’t enough of a change of scenery for you, you can also rent a canoe and check out the water that way, too! There are plenty of spots on Hasting Street to rent a canoe, and plenty of fun little hidden beaches to explore (as if ocean swimming wasn’t enough of an adventure). So make sure while you’re checking out the swim you do more exploring…via canoe!

#5 Sample The Freshest Sunny Coast Produce

All that relaxing (or you know, marathon swimming) can really leave you hungry. Enter: Noosa Farmer’s Markets. These guys are the home of super fresh Sunny Coast produce and some of the local’s best secrets for delicious bites to eat. There are a tonne of healthy options, but, remember what we said earlier? Calories don’t count on holidays so this is also the perfect chance to treat ‘yo self after all that swimming!

#6 Find The Hidden Rock Pools

If you’re after a swim that isn’t as hard as a cool 5km, why not set out on an adventure to find the hidden rock pools in Noosa National Park? While the walk may just be as tricky as an Ocean Swim, the dip (an Insta opportunity) at the end is all about relaxing and soaking in the scenery.

To sign up for the Noosa Summer Swim check out their website. For further information on Noosa check out

Image credit: World Series Swim, Tourism Noosa, Paul Smith Images

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