7 New Openings To Check Out This Weekend

By Anna Jefferis
23rd Sep 2016

New Brisbane Openings

The past few months have seen Brisbane become home to some pretty amazing new restaurants and cafes.

Choosing where to spend your precious work-free hours of the weekend can be a tricky decision, so we thought we'd help you out a bit by putting together a list of our favourite new openings that we think you just gotta get out and try this weekend.

#1 Nom Nom Korean Eatery

Fortitude Valley

Bakery Lane might just be the trendiest place in Brisbane at the moment and their newest addition is no exception. Nom Nom Korean Eatery has taken up shop in the creative hub of the Fortitude Valley. This should be your next stop for delicious Asian cuisine; the menu is littered with Japanese and Korean inspired dishes that will make your stomach say yessir. Options include sushi, kimchi fries, ramen, Korean chicken wings, Bibimbamp and Okonomoyaki, just to name a few.

#2 Chingon Cantina y Taqueria


Brisbane's  newest mexican spot, Chingon located in Eagle Lane is based off the popular Melbourne restaurant, with the same name, menu and decor, but owned by the dudes at Brooklyn Standard (located next door). Chingon aims to bring traditional Mexican street food to Brisbane, with a simple menu consisting of soft tortilla tacos, salsa and corn on the cob. Chingon is the mexican word for 'badass' and I must say that sums it up pretty perfectly.

#3 Gateaux Cafe and Dessert


It's well known knowledge that diets don't exist on weekends; they’re pretty much against the law (or at least it should be!), and that's why new Brisbane café Gateaux Cafe is the perfect place to visit for a delicious weekend treat. Hawthorne's newest cafe is boasting in tasty French-inspired desserts and pastries as well as speciality coffee and Italian ice cream. Treat yo self!

#4 Hello Please

Fish Lane

These days in Brisbane it seems if it's cool, it's in a laneway, and Hello Please is no exception to the rule, calling the ever-crowded Fish Lane home. Serving modern Vietnamese-style street food from a shipping container, as well as curated wines, cocktails inspired by Asian flavours, and Vietnamese beers. The menu includes all your Vietnamese faves: rice paper rolls, dumplings, pulled pork pancakes, pho, and vermicelli salad. It's open for lunch and dinner, so grab your buddies or your date and make your way to Fish Lane NOW.

#5 I Heart Brownies Wintergarden


Fortitude Valley favourite, I Heart Brownies, has opened up new doors in the Wintergarden. If your sweet tooth is particularly strong on the weekend then head to the Wintergarden for a top quality, gluten free, delicious brownie. The flavour list is long which makes choosing hard but luckily the store is open until 7pm, so you can always make a second trip back if you feel you just need another (which you will).

#6 Taro's Ramen

Brisbane CBD

Ramen has to be one of the best Asian dishes ever created, so when we heard that one of our favourites Taro's Ramen was re-opening up doors in the convenient location of the CBD, we got pretty excited...and you should too. Taro's Ramen takes pride in producing dishes that include only local produce and dry goods sought from trusted Japanese sources. It’s these real flavours that make it a 'must do' for ramen lovers, and one of our fave recent openings in Brisbane.

#7 Fritzenberger

Petrie Terrace

Similar to cows having four stomachs it is scientifically proven that humans have a second stomach just for FRIES. No matter how full you are or how many you've already eaten, we say, there is always room for more fries. This is why Caxton Streets newest joint Fritzenberger has dedicated a big proportion of their menu to the little crispy potato's we love, and what goes best with fries? Burgers, of course! As well as the perfect burger and fries combo, Fritzenberger has its own in house microbrewery to meet all your thirst quenching needs. Fries, burgers and beers...I know I can stop talking now, you're probably already out the door.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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