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Aldi Just Dropped Halloumi Fries And We Need Them

By Mathew Trenear
15th May 2018

halloumi fries aldi

ICYMI our favourite bargain grocery store has just gone and done a very good thing. They’re releasing their own version of halloumi fries. Just to break it down for you, that means you can make yourself a mini cheese feast in the comfort of your own damn home, and that’s the best thing we’ve heard all day. 

Since the cold weather is finally here and any glimpse of a New Year’s resolution is out the window, the time for you to tuck into some lightly coated golden, crispy halloumi fries is NOW. 

So, while they’ve been released in the UK at this stage (for only £1.99 might we just add), all we can do is pray to the cheese gods that the good people at Aldi will get them shipped over to Australia in lighting speed so they can hit our shelves, then dinner plates STAT.

Image credit: Aldi

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