An Introvert’s Guide To Parties (And Life In General)

By Olivia Atkinson
26th Apr 2017

Parties and introverts are a funny mix. For the most part it requires getting yourself amped up to dive headfirst into small talk, rowdy times and all-round full-on human interaction. It’s not that it’s unbearable (they won’t go to the party in the first place if it was), it’s just a huge drain on energy levels. While extroverts are charged and then buzz off socialising, introverts are often zapped by it. On the third hour or so of a party, they’re somewhat depleted and ready to head home for some quality time with pizza and a good book.

Every so often, introverts have to commit to a solid evening of socialising and, in order to do so, they have to tackle it with the right mindset and a couple of nifty hacks under their belt. Sure, you’d probably rather hibernate for two months instead of meeting 20 new people in one evening, but like everyone, introverts crave social interactions...even if it's in small doses.

To help you enjoy—rather than dread—all future parties you attend, we’ve put together a wee list. Here an introvert’s guide to parties and life in general.

1. Go in with a fully charged battery. Take an afternoon nap if you must, just don’t arrive zonked or else you’ll want to leave as fast as you arrived.

2. BYO enthusiastic, extroverted sidekick.

3. Or a friend who knows a bunch of people at the party, so you can piggyback off their connections.

4. Avoid the urge to analyse your ‘performance’. Do not, under any circumstances, replay convos over in your head and critique them.

5. Wear your fave outfit so you feel comfy, confident and yourself. Reeeow.

6. Keep a watchful eye on your energy levels. If you start getting tired, stop talking or notice yourself zoning out, then it might be time to call it a night.

7. Be an A+ listener. If you really don’t feel like spinning yarns about yourself, then find someone who does. Drunk peeps loooove to talk about themselves and their drama.

8. Avoid hiding. At times, it will be tempting to hold the fort in the bathroom, but if you need a breather, just step outside for a moment or two.

9. Gravitate towards people who look to be in the same sitcho as you aka. another introvert. Sometimes you know no one and trying to wriggle your way into close-knit groups isn’t an easy task.

10. Try your best to live in the moment. You may be nervous or anxious, but try and leave it at the door and enjoy yourself the best you can #YOLO.

11. And try and stay as authentic as possible. Trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting. Don’t place pressure on yourself to chime in or force conversations for the sake of it.

12. Pop a smile on your dial. Just do it.

13. Don’t get drunk AF just because you think it will make you more confident. You don’t want to go 0 to 100 and then pass out now, do you?

14. Arrive early. Yep, this nugget of advice sounds crazy, but if there are only a handful of peeps there, the likelihood of them welcoming you with open arms is pretty high.

15. Embrace small talk. The whole “what are you doing for the rest of the weekend?” and “where do you work?” chat isn’t all that interesting but it’s easy to crank out if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

16. Have an exit strategy. Sometimes you’d rather ditch and go home for a snacks and a Netflix binge and that’s OK.

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Image Credit: The Big Bang Theory

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