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Brisbane’s Got Itself An Entire Menu Dedicated To Nutella

By Catherine Blake
30th Jan 2018

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Released into the commercial domain in 1965, Nutella is the undisputed pride of Europe. More delicious than gold, and only half as valuable, when the Nutella supply is threatened people hardcore forget themselves. When French supermarket chain Intermarché recently broke French law by putting a 70% discount on the little brown tubs of joy, shoppers literally rioted for the scorching hot deal. And who could forget the Great Hazelnut Shortage that plagued us early last year?

This coming Monday 5 February will be marked in your calendars as International Nutella Day; a day dedicated to celebrating the hypnotic pull of the Italian dessert staple. But is one day enough for us to properly explore the thrills and ecstasies contained in the silky spread? Hell no, and that is where Gasworks’ Salt Meats Cheese has stepped up with a dedicated Nutella menu for the entire month of February. Sploosh.

A cheese palace is not the first place I’d think of to slake a violent Nutella hankering, but I had to rethink that quick smart when I caught a glimpse of their menu of luscious, chocolate-hazelnut rapture. Stuff like Nutella calzones and Nutella-filled cartocci popped off the menu right away, as well as something called a ‘Heaven Cup’ that reportedly includes both Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Buenos in what I suspect is a cross-promotion staged by parent company Ferrero SpA.

And as if that wasn’t enough, SMC are also offering Nutella in caffeinated sipping form with a frappe, a loaded latte and an espresso martini.

Remember, this menu is only going to be available throughout February so set a date to get down to Salt Meats Cheese and do your waistline a mischief. 

The Details

What: Nutella Menu 
When: Available throughout February 2018
Where: Salt Meats Cheese, Gasworks

Image credit: Salt Meats Cheese

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