Brisbane’s Best Crumpets (The Breakfast Food, Not The Babe)

By Catherine Blake
19th Jul 2014

Soft and pillowy with a satisfying crisp, the golden crumpet has been a mainstay of wintry breakfast comfort since Adam first laid eyes on Eve and said 'Cor blimey, she's a bit of alright'.

Incredibly moreish and versatile, crumpets are the kind of foodstuff that won't be tied down by conventional mealtimes and make their own rules. Only expected to see them at breakfast? Nup! They'll gate crash afternoon tea and won't even think twice about it. Think they can only be served sweet? Wrong again! Here comes another curveball from old mate crumpet, dressed up in sweetcorn, chorizo and a poached egg. There's no doubt that crumpets are the badasses of the bread basket, and the worst part? They're so damn delicious you'll be chowing them every meal of the day like a Scottish widow. Ah cannae compla-yn. 

But don't risk burning them in the toaster, you can now hand this one over to the professionals and help stimulate the niche Brisbane breakfast crumpet scene. Leading the way is Mondo Organics and a rockin' sourdough spelt crumpet with golden syrup, winter fruit compote and mascarpone. Without question, these are the whole-foodies pick of Brisbane crumpets.

On the other side of town, some clever folk are reinventing the breakfast classic for the Brisbane palate. Not quite so happy with the cold and wet, Chow House have the end in sight; their coconut crumpets with passionfruit curd is a sweet reminder of summer in brisk July. 

Unlike crumpets themselves, The Chelsea Bistro doesn't mess around. They make their crumpets from the ground up and serve them simply with a side of creamy honeycomb butter. Excuse me while I re-ravel my tongue. This puffy pillow is a Brisbane breakfast classic!

Have we missed your favourite crumpet in Brisbane? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: Lavendar and Loveage

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