Brisbane’s Best Fried Chicken Everything!

By Catherine Blake
24th Jan 2017

Best Fried Chicken Brisbane

There are those who don’t believe or dare to dream that fried chicken can soar beyond its most basic permutation: on a plate with some sauces and sides. While we fundamentally adore (read: worship) the purity of a plate of fried chicken, there are some innovative brains at work in Brisbane’s kitchens cooking up all kinds of different applications for our great love. Using it to replace a burger’s beef patty? Genius. Serving it at breakfast? Inspired. Putting it through the fryer twice? Outstanding.

New precedents have been set and trails blazed, and if you foster even a middling appreciation for fired bird you’ll be well behind the times if you don’t get around everything new and wonderful happening in Brisbane’s burgeoning fried chicken community:

Here's Brisbane's best friend chicken everything!

Triple Worked Fried Chicken | Rogue Spice Canteen

Fortitude Valley

Known across the land for their intrepid bravery in the face of spice, Rogue Spice doesn’t back down when it comes to their fried chicken. The triple worked fried chicken is pungent, powerful, and packs more heat than Sonny and Rico.

Fried Chicken Burgers | Ze Pickle

Fortitude Valley

Ooooh damn, that saucy minx Ze Pickle has gone and done it again with no fewer than THREE fried chicken burgers gleaming on their menu. First up, the Southern Hick with maple smoked bacon, Jack cheese and a sneaky guacamole option; next they’ve serving up the KFZe with smoked jalapenos, IPA beer cheese sauce and slaw; and then it’s up to Kim Jong Illest to round everything off with BBQ salsa roja, K-town slaw, pickles and Jack cheese. Sploosh.

Boneless Chicken | Momo Chicken and Beer

Brisbane CBD and Runcorn

I like to think that when prospectors flocked to Ophir with dreams of unearthing bags of gold nuggets they envisioned something that looked like a plate of Momo’s fried chicken. Imagine morsels of the most golden, most crunchy, most out-of-control-delicious fried chicken that ever sent our hearts a-beatin’ and our jowels a drippin’ and completely unencumbered by bones; that’s Momo.

Fried Chicken Waffles | Miss Kay’s

Brisbane CBD and Mitchleton

‘You can’t have fried chicken for breakfa-’ cut your haters and naysayers short with a sampling of everything the Yanks and Canucks have to be proud of. The charming fox of Miss Kay’s breakfast menu features chunks of their gnarly fried chicken with crispy waffles, ice cream, and maple syrup.

Korean Fried Chicken | Bull Bar Restaurant

Brisbane CBD

What differentiates Korean fried chicken from the buttermilk fried goodness of the diner? Heaps of stuff, but most prominently is the method of frying the chicken not once but TWICE. We’ve raved about this before and when the cravings hit for double dunker we rely on Bull Bar to hit us up with summadat golden crunch megayum.

Tebasaki | Bird’s Nest Yakitori

West End

And while we’re in the area, let’s check out Japanese fried chicken (tebasaki) at Bird’s Nest Yakitori. These are the fried chicken wings that will change your perspective. They inspire people to paint masterpieces and make strong men cry at tram stations. When your friends ask you ‘what is love?’, hand them a plate of these wings and all will be explained.   

Fried Chicken Waffle Burger | Chur Burger

Fortitude Valley

We’ve had fried chicken and waffles and we’ve had a fried chicken burger, but we’d never even considered combining the two until Chur Burger taught us how. That’s right, those prodigious grill sergeants have delivered unto our foodscape the fried chicken waffle burger, a glorious combination of buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, Jack cheese and maple syrup betwixt two Belgian waffles and a chicken wing skewered through the top to keep everything in place *mic drop*.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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