Brisbane’s Best Pimped Up Avo On Toast Dishes!

By Catherine Blake
19th Feb 2017

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Desperate to try something different but scared of being disappointed? You need some innovation and you need it fast (but not too fast because, you know, change is scary), and there’s no better time to kick those comfortable habits than first thing in the morning.

Avocado on toast has sat at the pinnacle of modern dining long enough for our dependency on it to threaten the dream of home ownership. If you’re going to be renting for the rest of your life it may as well be because of some pimped up, maxed out, seriously good avo on toast and Brisbane’s got the goods.

Go forth and get your avo on with some fresh new duds that’ll put the green schmear to shame. Here's 7 pimped up avo on toast dishes you need to try, stat!

Morning After

West End

To start us off with a gentle pimping Morning After's iteration takes the classic avo toast formula and gives it the weekend-in-a-fancy-hotel treatment. Don’t worry, this hasn’t gone to its head, it’s still the same smashed avo on sourdough with feta and lemon only now it’s also got a slick new attitude courtesy of some high-flying pistachios and garden peas.

Kin + Co


Stock standard avo on toast generally features some fairly predictable additions in the salty and sour departments, but Kin + Co’s comes with added sweetness. I’m talking about a honey roasted wedge of lemon and some fragrant bee pollen (!) to set off the chèvre, sumac and edamame already adorning Kin + Co’s pimped up avo-lanche.

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters


Ever-innovative and not about to fall into the trap of contemptuous familiarity, Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters serve their avocado on pumpkin sourdough in no fewer than THREE pimped-up combinations: The first, with beetroot and sesame paste and sunflower seeds, is an earthy reminder of West End’s weekend markets; the second packs heat and zest with Korean chilli paste and coriander; and the third, with pickled enoki and shichimi togarashi, will ruin you for other toasts.

Goodness Gracious Café


The good citizens of Graceville aren’t completely ready to give up the purity of a simple avo toast, so Goodness Gracious has stepped in with a mild sprucing to get the ball rolling towards a fantastical feast. Their avo toast comes with toasted almond flakes and globules of almond tarator to add a nice nutty something something to the staple.

Locavore Café


For pimping inspo Locavore looked not to the mechanical stylings of Xzibit et al but instead to regional Italy. With every order of avo toast expect half an avo on wholegrain sourdough (standard) with heirloom tomatoes (cute), fior di latte (fancy) and some basil emulsion (hot damn) and finished off with some lemon myrtle salt. And yes, all the ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.  

The Priory Kitchen


Most avo toasts feature some kind of cheese, and most of the time that cheese is feta. Bucking the trend is the Priory Kitchen and their levelled-up avocado toast with BOTH halloumi, the king of all cheeses, and a fresh AF minted labneh. Rounded out with heirloom tomatoes, finger lime, toasted pistachios and a sprinkin’ of herbs and this guy is like the stretch hummer of avo toastage. 

Republic Coffee Traders


This noble contribution to the fight against staid sustenance borders on being diagnosed certifiably crackers. At first glance Republic Coffee Traders avo on grain toast seems pretty familiar, until you notice the chunks of watermelon and boy is that curiosity ever piqued. Add tartness from some goats curd, zest from the finger lime and basil, then wrap it up with a sweet onion vinaigrette and we’ve got a gamechanger. 

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Image Credit: Louise Coghill

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