Brisbane’s Got An Exercise Class Where You Just… Sleep

By Katie Stow
12th Jun 2017


There’s the saying that “exercise breeds energy” but quite frankly, at the end of a mega-intense spin class, we often beg to differ. To be perfectly honest, sometimes just thinking about exercise class makes us feel tired.

But what if we told you there’s a fitness class that simply involves sleeping? No intense sweat-fest, no weights, no space-age equipment. Just you, a bed, and forty winks.

Enter Napercise; a 45-minute napping class that’s designed to help us busy people combat fatigue, and contribute to overall wellness—even fitness. How is this not too good to be true?

With super comfy mattresses, atmospheric sounds, eye masks, optimised temperatures for sleep (and calorie-burning too, apparently – win!), guided stretching and a complete lack of distractions, Napercise ensures you reap the full benefits of a power nap.

While a simple 45-minute nap might just seem like a short-term solution for perking you up, it’s also super beneficial for long-term wellness; if you’re rested, you’re more likely to exercise regularly—and actually push yourself—as well as make better food choices (we’re all for anything that stops us eating Skittles for breakfast).

Nap classes have already taken the UK by storm, and now us busy Brisbanites can count sheep on our lunch breaks too, thanks to Naptime Australia’s Napercise pop-up at Inspire Cycle!

Sign. Us. Up.

The details

What: Napercise classes
Where: Inspire Cycle, Teneriffe
When: Twice daily, 10th–14th July

To book your sleep sesh, click here.

Image credit: Napercise

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