Coffee In A Doughnut Exists And All Bets Are Off

By Claire Plush
1st Dec 2017

Coffee In A Doughnut

If there are two things that’ll make us get out of bed on any given morning, it’s coffee and doughnuts. 

So, we almost fell off our chairs when we found out that Australia’s first coffee IN a doughnut (!!!) is launching into the world this weekend. Can you believe it?! It’s got to be one of the best combos ever invented and now we’re never going to eat anything else for breakfast. #goodbyebikinibody

Coming to you from the clever folks at Sunshine Coast's Kenilworth Bakery and their new award-winning, ex-Melbourne barista Fernando, this new menu addition features a cinnamon doughnut with a hollow middle, that is lined with gooey Nutella and then filled with a single origin coffee, made specially for this epic sweet dish. We’ve got to warn you though, there’s only a small space for the coffee—so you’ll be looking at a macchiato rather than a large, milky flat white—but, when you taste it, you’ll see these guys got the proportions absolutely spot on. So, no complainin’ here!

With the 1kg doughnut already adding this Sunshine Coast bakery to the Food Trend Hall of Fame, these guys have blown our minds yet again and we couldn’t be more stoked. So, you have to travel for some cheeky doughnut/coffee action? We've hit the road before for less. So start planning that trip north asap.

Oh, and don’t forget your phones, peeps. Because this is going to go down in history and if you didn’t ‘gram it, were you even a part of it? 

The Details

What: Australia's first ever coffee in a doughnut 
When: Launches Saturday 2 December from 6am, then available seven days from 6am to 3pm. 
Where: Kenilworth Bakery, 8 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth, QLD

For massive doughnut lovers, do not leave Kenilworth without undertaking the 1kg doughnut challenge. Go on, we dare you!

Image credit: April Elizabeth

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