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A Freaking Dessert Degustation Is Happening And We’re ALL Kinds Of In

By Caity Stone
17th Apr 2018


So admittedly this event is not in the spirit of a bikini wearing slim-down, but we've quickly done our calculations, and yep, this is the only dessert degustation that's worth the calories (and besides, it's almost winter anyways). 

What is it that has us unbuttoning our jeans and shoving our swimmers into the bottom drawer you might ask? Our favourite fine dining restaurant, The Long Apron, is throwing caster sugar to the wind and has just announced they're bringing back their legendary four-course dessert degustation for one sugar-fuelled night this April.

Let us (re)introduce you to The SWEET Apron Dessert Degustation.

We can't reveal too much about what can be expected on the drool-worthy menu BUT let's just say there's a creative (and delicious) deconstructed carrot cake that features macadamia and passionfruit. It's a miss-it-and-you'll-regret-it delight. 

The offering is a modern twist on Grandma's recipe according to head chef Chris Hagan. Let's just say, Grandma would most certainly approve of this delectable masterpiece. The Long Apron's annual event has gathered somewhat of a cult following in the Hinterland—and it's not hard to understand why.  Not only is their fine dining award-winning, it's some of the best in the freaking country, their desserts have become the stuff of legend with various adventurous creations over the years. 

If you're feeling ever-so slightly piggy, you could head to The Long Apron first for lunch and then make your way over the library deck for the dessert degustation. (This is something we strongly recommend). 

Let's just say that you've got the rest of winter to work this puppy off before the dreaded bikini season gets back into full swing again. BTW, even though we know it's tempting, licking your plate might be frowned upon. (We know, because we attempted it. Eeeepp!)

And the best news is if you don't want to dessert and drive you can stay the night at the always stunning Spicers Clovelly Estate and ride off your extra cals on one of their famed bike trails in the am? 

The Details 

What: The Sweet Apron Dessert Degustation
Where: Spicers Clovelly Estate, Library Deck 
When: Sunday 22 April, 2pm 
Cost: $90 (excluding matched wines) $155 (including matches wines).  
Tickets can be purchased here

Now we've eaten let's hike. We've rounded up the best hikes on the Sunshine Coast here

Image credit: Spicers Clovelly Estates 

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