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Dessert Tacos Are Real And Just In Time For Summer!

By Alex Topakas
12th Oct 2017


Because our love for Mexican food and dessert is matched equally in its importance in our lives (really, we couldn't choose), news of a dessert taco making the rounds in Brisbane made us feel things we never thought possible.

Enter: Baylato's dessert taco. Featuring a waffle cone shell coated with melted chocolate, a dusting of hundreds and thousands and your choice of gelato flavour to fill it with (Baylato are known for their indulgent flavours), add a few toppings here and there and you've got yourself a taco-tastic tasty treat. Trust us when we say we'll definitely be sacrificing our 'summer bods' (seriously, there's no hope in this town) for this. 

Where do we get these gifts from foodie heaven, you ask? Why Eat Street Northshore, of course—seriously, food trends are coming out of here like freaking hot cakes! 

So, if you ever find yourself questioning whether to forgo a cheeky taco for a dessert, remember the phrase 'por qué no los dos?'. Because if it's good enough for Old El Paso, it's damn well good enough for us.

The Details 

What: Dessert Tacos, Baylato
Where: Eat Street Northshore
When: Every Friday to Sunday

Image credit: Baylato

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