Horoscopes: Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Elizabeth Maidment
4th Jun 2018


It's getting chilly, ain't it. Don't fall into the trap of the winter blues, we're here to make the stars align. June could bring happiness in the form of smashed av' or a new home (wait, what even is rent?) or could be a bit of a Debbie downer—read on if you dare. 


Can’t seem to shake that feeling that you’re forgetting something? Don’t worry Libras – go out there and have a boogie and shake it off, T-Swift Style. Buy yourself a new pair of cute boots for the winter season and just go out there and strut your stuff.


It’s getting colder, and we don’t mean your personality Scorps. Snuggle under that duvet a little longer (ie: half the day) and chuck on a new ep of Love Island for your wintery Sunday morning. Brrrrr!


Leo, Leo, Leo! Feeling boundless energy that you don’t know what to do with this week, huh? Try hitting up the park for an exercise sesh (especially if you had a couple (meaning ten) donuts last week!) or bake up a storm in the kitchen and impress that special someone in your life.


Stop crying over spilt milk, Taurus (even if you’re lactose intolerant) – it’s time to get your game together and just go out there and face the world head (or horns) on. Ace that assignment, apply for that job and ask that cute waiter at your favourite café out, we know you want to.


Don’t kick up your heels just yet, Aries. There is still grinding to be done – take the time to figure out everything that’s been troubling you and smash that to-do list! Yes, even “take a bubble bath with a cold glass of wine and the new ep of Sweetbitter” counts.


It’s time to shine Gems, it’s your season! Don’t get too ahead of yourself, though and make sure that you take time to reflect on the last six months – you’ve achieved a lot more than you realise! Treat yo’ self to something today, even if it’s just a humble cuppa. It is getting colder, after all.


Things are looking good for you this week, Pisces friends! Don’t neglect your health though – take some time out to stroll on the treadmill or to pump it up in a new class: getting out of your comfort zone will expose you to new opportunities! As Nike says, Just Do It!


Stormy days are on the horizon, Cancer – and we don’t just mean the weather. A falling out with a friend, a missed opportunity or even just spilling your coffee all over your new white shirt could be on the horizon if you’re not careful.


Feeling like a temper tantrum coming on, Virgo? Take some time to chill and relax – take up a new hobby to get your mind off everything you’re feeling atm. We’d recommend bubble baths with Riesling or rock-climbing. Onya, Virgs.


Congrats, Caps! You’ve been working hard for the last couple of months and the stars see that – you’re going to be given an opportunity that you aren’t expecting, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp! A breakthrough in your career, perhaps? A newfound love? You decide.


You’re feeling a bit down recently, right? Don’t worry – it’s just the change of season! Take some time out to read a good book, settle down and just work through it. It’s all going up from here.


Step away from that laptop, Sagittarius – whether it’s work or study, everything is going to feel as if it is piling up for you this weekend! Go and have a catch up with friends and talk about how you’re feeling: you’re not going to form new friendships, but it’ll take the pressure off you a little bit!

Image credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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