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How to Fight Frizz | We Ask The Experts

By Sophia McMeekin
5th Feb 2014

Storm season sucks for a myriad of reasons. There are the flooded roads to content with, the national holidays dampened, the lame hashtags to follow (#bnestormz), the fact that everyone likes to play weatherman and tell you what's happening on the BOM radar… I could go on.

But storm season sucks particularly hard if you are the bearer of hair of the frizzy persuasion. Dealing with frizz in this weather can seem like a hopeless battle, looking even remotely attractive can feel impossible, and unfortunately wearing shower caps outdoors remains elusively socially un-acceptable. 

Because we're not keen to channel Sideshow Bob this summer, we asked the experts for their favourite frizz destroying treatments, products, and secret tips for frizz free hair. Here's the down low on fighting frizzy bits:

How to Fight Frizz

Dmitri Papas
Owner, Papas + Pace

The Tip

 "The main reason we get frizzy hair is not only because it's hot and humid (even though that does play a large factor) but it's actually because the hair is lacking moisture and its natural oils. Another major frizz-causing problem is using the wrong products.

Avoid products that contain alcohol, which dry out your hair and cause it to frizz (e.g. hairspray!).

Another big mistake I see people making is leaving in their conditioner, which doesn't do anything for your hair.

The 3 steps to fighting frizz in the humid season are using moisturising shampoo, which cleans but doesn't strips your hair, then use a treatment to treat, reconstruct, regenerate and moisturise, while the conditioner will smooth out the cuticle and detangle.

Before you blowdry your hair, always use a heat protectant to stop dehydrating the hair cuticle. Not using protectant will cause it to frizz and break."

The Products

"Keep your hair hydrated with a product high in moisture, like Redken's 'Clear Moisture' shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, which adds moisture but is weightless, or Redken's 'All Soft' shampoo and conditioner for medium to thick hair.  

My second choice of products would be the KMS 'Tame Frizz' line. Once a week I also recommend you do a treatment. For a deep treating product, Redkens 'All Soft Heavy Cream' treatment is the way to go. 

For a quick frizz taming option if you are time poor try Goldwell's 60-second treatments. 

If you need to tame some fly away hairs, a small drop of Redken 'All Soft Argan Oil' will keep those fly away at bay. KMS 'Tame Frizz De-frizz Oil' is a great alternative."


Frizz Free Hair Tips

Andre Faiva
Owner, Revolution Hairdressing

The Tip

 "It's important not to over heat or dry your hair. The more dried out it is from over ironing etc. the more your hair will search for moisture and frizz in humidity."

The Treatment

"If your hair has natural frizz, then a keratin treatment is the best thing. It will condition, relax and make your hair up to 75% easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We use an Australian natural based keratin relaxing treatment called Behave."

The Product

 "With humidity giving a lot of our clients issues at the moment, we always recommend using a great moisturising shampoo and conditioner that is not too heavy. We recommend Kevin Murphy's 'Hydrate Me' Wash and Rinse."

Frizz Free Hair Tips

Mikey Forster 
Owner, Horse Meat Disco Salon

The Product

 "The more moisture you can get in frizzy hair the more it will do what its told. When it comes to frizz control look no further than Sebastian Professionals' products 'Whipped Crème' and 'Potion 9'. Apply a small amount of Potion 9 to your hair and finish with a golf ball size of whipped crème and either let your hair naturally dry, or dry it using a diffuser. Lorde has also been known to use this combination of products so its perfect to create that beautiful, tamed natural curly look."

Frizz Free Hair Tips

Luke Reynolds
Owner, Luke Reynolds Hairdressing

The Product

"We use and recommend the KMS 'Tame Frizz' range for clients with frizz-prone manes. The range includes shampoo and conditioner as well as a taming crème, smoothing lotion and de-frizz oil. These products are brilliant for combating frizz, especially in the often unpredictable Queensland weather. These great products will ensure your hair stays under control and frizz-free in the humidity for up to three days after blow drying."

Image credit: Obaz, Daniel Maddock, Revolution Hair, Papas + Pace

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