An App That Is Basically Shazam For Clothes Exists And We Die

By Anna Franklyn
8th Dec 2017

Remember when we told you about that app that is basically Shazam but for plants and we all went nuts? Well, there's now an app that is pretty much Shazam for clothes and we're about to lose our sh*t. The guys over at The Iconic, legends that they are, have gone and added a 'snap to shop' feature to their app and RIP all of your money.

It's pretty simple really. You just creep on your most fashionable friends' Insta pics, screenshot the heck out of them, upload the screenshot to the app and let The Iconic do the dirty work for you.

It seems to work pretty well from our initial research (yes it was research, and no we did not send four items straight to our shopping cart), though you'll do best if there's not too much going on in your screenshot.

Go forth and feed your online shopping addiction my pretties. 

While you're at it, also download this amazing indoor plant app that will style your house for you.

Image credit: Sex and the City

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