Insta-Famous Giant Pancakes Have Hit Brisbane And We’re Losing It!

By Jessica Pridmore
3rd Jul 2017


I think we can all say with much conviction that we Brisbanites love a food trend. We’re fully invested in band wagons and will travel great distances to get our hands on the latest foodie fix. Okay, okay, so we’re a bit obsessed with food. But, who isn’t?

This latest trend, though coming all the way from Japan, is thankfully landing straight in the CBD: enter the famous Japanese Soufflé Pancake. A towering stack of light-as-air, fluffy pancakes that are made with a top secret meringue mix making them some of the tallest stacks around!

Invented by infamous Japanese cafe Gram, the team at Harajuku Gyoza are bringing these picture perfect pancakes to Brisbane for maximum pancake-eating pleasure. These insta-worthy stacks come in at whopping 15cm in height, are drizzled in Nutella sauce, a dollop of cream plus fresh bananas and a final flurry of maple syrup before being served up for your feasting pleasure.

The Japanese Soufflé Pancakes have proved SO popular, they're now becoming a permanent feature on the menu. We repeat: PERMANENT.  

If you can’t afford a flight to Japan right now, commiserate with a stack of some of the best pancakes in the world. Pair it with their iconic beer slushie and you've got yourself the perfect meal. Go on, you know you want to.

Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza

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