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This Insta-Famous Face Mask Is Curing Jet-Lag, One Under Eye At A Time

By Jessica Pridmore
31st May 2018


Spoiler; no one likes a long-haul flight. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact no one can contact me for upwards of 12 hours—actual bliss—but the effects of being 30,000 ft in the air has on my skin? Not so much.

If you’re anything like me when travelling, you’re constantly seeking out that one face-saving product that’ll make you look as though you’ve spent a day at the spa and not, in fact, squashed in cattle class scoffing microwaved bread rolls while listening to the soothing droll of a newborn crying for the best part of a day.

And, find it we might just have. Enter, Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask; the Insta-famous face mask promising to eliminate the effects (visual, anyway) of jet lag (aka the dreaded dull and puffy face). A newbie to the beauty market, they’ve already caused quite the commotion with their first product line. So just how does it claim such lofty results?

Packed with hard-working ingredients like chestnut extract (great for plumping and gently sloughing away dead skin cells), green tea and vitamin C (they do wonders for aiding moisturisation), Summer Fridays’ ingredients read like a wholefoods shopping list, not a science experiment. In fact, Jet Lag is derived completely from natural products; free of sulphates, synthetic dyes, parabens and perfumes that can actually reverse the effects of anti-ageing. So, that’s pretty great.

It’s rinse-free and sinks into skin (for those of us that do in fact find a sheet mask a bit too extra in public), perfect for slathering onto your visage just before getting on a flight but also offers the perfect brightening boost if you’re just sitting at home and want to slap on a mask while watching Netflix. Oh, and it just happens to be packaged in the chicest pale blue.

There’s also the fact that Summer Fridays has a who’s who of a celebrity following—and lord knows they like to clock up some air miles, so…

Keen to add it to your carry on? It’s available globally, right here.

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Image credit: Summer Fridays

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