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This Luxe Holiday Home Swap Is Like Airbnb—For Millionaires

By Kaitlan Rath
7th Jul 2018

Ever fancied a house swap with a millionaire? Well this might be your chance. There’s just one catch; you'll need to be rich too. (Well, sort of, but we'll get to that.) ThirdHome is basically the Hollwood version of Airbnb.

With hundreds of exquisite properites on their books (including yachts, if you've got a spare lying around somewhere), ThirdHome enables their clientele to rent out prime realeaste all over the globe. Entry level properties on site are worth a minimum of $500K to be listed, however the average house on ThirdHome's portfolio is $2.3 Million. Let that sink in for a moment; $2.3 Million! We're talking infinity pools, castles, and absolute beach front properties with their own jetty and (probably) staff, people! 

By now you’re probably wondering how the heck does this relate to me and WTF we're even bothering telling you because you spend far too much money of avo on toast and can't afford one home, let alone a second. That's beacsue while ThirdHome specialises in luxury home swapping, you can also get access to these incredible locations for a cheeky holiday!

Picture you, your besties and a plethora of inflatable pool animals kicking back in the Bahamas. Sounds pretty incredible, right? We'd swap Byron for the Bahamas (at a push). The best part? There are some incredible Aussie properties on ThirdHome, too, most of which are available exclusively. So, you see, it pays to be in the know.

So, look. While the whole second home membership might be something worth aspiring to (and yes, it's a pretty awesome initiative) we think we better start saving for that first home before we get too excited about renting out a second.

But hey, if you got the firends and you're looking for a luxe group holiday, you might just be in the right place...

Image credit: ThirdHome

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