Dios Mío: Taco Bell Is Coming To Brisbane!

By Catherine Blake
14th Sep 2017


Anyone growing up on the sunburnt continent was ruthlessly taunted by tropes of American programming that hadn’t made it across the Pacific yet. Things like cheerleading, frozen yoghurt and yellow taxis always seemed like a faraway fiction, until 1997 when Australia’s first Taco Bell opened in Sydney. Sadly, Australia at the turn of the century wasn’t ready for value-priced tostadas and Taco Bell vanished from our scene in 2005.

Well ding bloody ding because it’s time for round two of the Taco Bell takeover and this time Brisbane is first in line for the fiesta. Taking over the space formerly occupied by the late great Annerley Sizzler (RIP), the brand new branch will operate out of a purpose-built restaurant serving up all of Taco Bell's lip-smacking Mexican feasties. 

While there is no official timeline for Taco Bell's launch just yet, we'll be sure to keep you posted on developments coming out of the TB camp. Love it or hate it Taco Bell's unique style of 'tex-mex' is set to blow up our Insta feeds in the very near future.

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Image credit: Taco Bell

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