37 Highlights From The Bachelorette Ep.6

By Sophie Colvin
7th Oct 2016


In some ways it was a really great episode (Cam, that oil) and in other ways it was a bit of a yawn fest (the Sam v Rhys feud) either way, it HAS set us up for an epic episode next week. Please tell me Sam finds out that Rhys ratted on him!

Here are the highlights from last night - the only bits you really need to know about.

  1. Sam saying that ‘Todd’s nothing to worry about' when Georgia clearly prefers Todd
  2. Cam
  3. Cam’s smile
  4. Cam’s dress sense
  5. Watching Cam crawl out of the friend zone
  6. The Disney themed date. Why are more guys not organising these?
  7. Puppies. 15 Dalmatian puppies.
  8. Georgia pretends that she arranged 15 puppies to be there. Sure
  9. Cam’s ability to kiss without showing tongue
  10. Watching the boys pretend to work out
  11. Sam constantly pretending he doesn’t know who Todd is
  12. Sam picking Jake to be on his team “… because he’s me mate”.  Circa Year 2
  13. Georgia making the boys do sports in front of her, bot not actually getting involved
  14. Sam doing the ‘Rhys’ hair
  15. Seeing Lee with his shirt off
  16. Oil
  17. 8 oily men
  18. Lee and Courtney standing together with their tops off
  19. Todd openly acknowledging that he doesn’t have a great rig
  20. Seeing neither Sam or Rhys have the best body
  21. Georgia having a field day by making 6 guys unnecessarily oil up
  22. Rigs
  23. Those lycra pants
  24. Rhys getting annihilated
  25. Matty J openly ‘stinging’ for a date
  26. Matty J’s ‘toff’ impression
  27. Watching Matty J get friend zoned
  28. How excited Matty J was about croquet
  29. Side note: Why didn’t Matty J and Georgia touch that epic high tea?!
  30. Sam’s overuse of describing people as peanuts and pretzels
  31. MORE freaking poetry from Rhys
  32. Watching Georgia squirm at Rhys poetry
  33. "More poetry, Boys!'
  34. Rhys ratting on Sam, but trying to pass it off as a chivalrous move
  35. THAT song
  36. Cam singing that song
  37. The suspense of whether or not Georgia will get rid of Sam.....or Rhys?!

Image credits: Tenplay

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