The New Activewear Piece You Need For Summer According To Your Star Sign

By Ellen Seah
4th Nov 2017


Star signs are bloody great, because there’s nothing like making sweeping, completely unsCiENtifiCAlLy-backed statements about 7.6 billion people, all for the sake of clicks.

Since you’re here, these are the activewear pieces you ~must~ need for summer, according to your star sign. Excuse me while I go re-evaluate all my life choices.

These gorg grey leggings are likely to leave you with a hefty butt-sized stain once you actually start working out, but it’s all worth it because the website insists there is no sign of “camel toe”. It’s slang for crotch print. No, I’m not joking.

Pair it with an adorable racerback white crop, and go strut into front of some Aquarias’. Aries and Aquarias must go together, because they rhyme, and that’s the type of impeccable logic we’re aiming for.  

You will not find a more breathable top than this burgundy baby. Super soft made from sustainable bamboo, you could get away with pairing it with black jeans and a strapless bra on date night. Maybe throw it through the wash first, Taurus.

Bold, beautiful and 100% functional. Just like your sexy self. There are two front slit pockets to tuck your phone into, as well as lightweight inner lining to keep you covered as you tuck, jump and roll. Get the matching crop to really catch the eye of that Taurus you’ve been eyeing off at the gym.

No activerobe (activewear wardrobe, c’mon people) is complete without a little Lorna Jane. Treat yo’self to this bomber jacket, which is the perfect pre or post-workout must have. A piece you can sneak into your travel suitcase (it goes with everything), you might have to live off instant ramen for a week, but we guarantee it’s worth it.

Never one for fashun at the gym, Leo’s will love this everything-goes grey tank with subtle branding and moisture wicking technology. Super comfy fabric means that you’ll be set to impress with raging biceps and #abgoals.

You might not be a gym bunny, but nothing motivates you more than a spanking new pair of leggings (that and a healthy amount of peer pressure). These baby pink leggings feature perforated contrast panel detailing, a rose gold foil logo and are ultra practical (which Virgos love, ICYMI).

Artistic and a lover of material things, these mind-trippy leggings will keep you entertained throughout your workout.

We’ll give leave this one here for all the Scorpio Athleisure lovers out there….


Sagittarius’ are those people who “have their lives together” and “don’t spend money on unnecessary things”, so we suggest making this $60 water bottle your next purchase. You know you want it.  

Never one to travel far from your favourite brand, these pink kicks strike the perfect balance between function and fashionable. Also, they’re Nike.

You’re an Aquarius, so you love the classics. Here’s one with a ‘lil cheeky twist, because the moon is in full-blown astrological force which means you’re feeling a little more creative than usual.

Why wear leggings and a top when you can wear a FULL JUMPSUIT TO THE GYM? It’s genius, just like you and every other Pisces you know.

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Image credit: TUL

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