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The Pro’s Guide To Keeping Coloured Hair Looking Gorgeous

By Rachel Lay
19th Jun 2017

Hair—it’s always one of two things; it’s either Victoria’s Secret worthy or it’s frizzy, damaged, and an all-round nightmare to deal with. A good haircut can make or break you, a bad colour is just sad. That’s why we begged the lusciously-locked team at Bach Hair to tell us their secrets to keeping their hair so damn perfect. Especially our damaged, coloured hair… Because it seriously needs some help.

So here it is, the ultimate guide to not only keeping your freshly coloured hair looking b-e-a-u-tiful, but finding your perfect colour.

Nailed it. Thanks, Bach Hair.

#1 Find A Colour That You Can Handle!

Most colours need to be retouched every 6-8 weeks, so find yourself a colour that a) looks bomb, and b) fits your lifestyle. It’s super important to speak to your hairdresser about the ins and outs of what it takes to make your colour look great before committing. Some colours (ahem, blonde) can be a lot of work.

Most people don’t realise that demi-permanent colours are even an option, but they’re seriously worth considering. Why? Because they help you achieve your colour goals without penetrating the hair cuticle. This means less damage, and, you’ll have more freedom to change up your colour! At Bach, they use Goldwell Colorance, which improves the condition of your hair with each use. Plus, it won’t leave you with dreaded regrowth! If you’re rocking a few greys, or are after a super bright colour, however, a permanent colour will probably be your best bet.

So before we even head to step two, if you’re not willing to keep up the maintenance or pick a realistic colour, good days will stay a dream for you, not a reality.

#2 Beware Of The Silver Shampoo Addiction (It’s A Thing)

We hate to break it to you, but the reason your blonde is looking so drab is most likely down to over using your old mate purple/silver shampoo. Why? Because your beautiful salon toned hair has been doused in purple toner. And, as you may remember from primary school and the colour wheel: tone on tone = darker colour. So overusing your purple shampoo is a sure-fire way to make your blonde dull and lifeless. There’s an easy solution, and it’s putting down that purple shampoo. The key to a radiant blonde is to use a mellow colour brightening shampoo that brightens the blonde and keeps it shiny and healthy. Keep your silver shampoo for a rainy day, but not every day. Easy as pie, right?

#3 Wash Your Hair Properly, FFS!

For the love of God, get yourself a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will thank you. Why? Because if you go home and wash your hair with the equivalent of dish soap, your colour just ain’t gonna last #SorryNotSorry.

Speak to your hair dresser about what will work best for you. Just make sure the bottle says “safe for coloured hair.” Make sure you use a treatment, too. Don’t self-prescribe, because every treatment is different, and your hairdresser will know what works best. Trust us.

#4 Just (Don’t) Keep Swimming

In an ideal world, we’d tell you to steer clear of chlorine and salt water, but this is Queensland, and life would suck without a dip every once in a while. To lessen the damage, apply a leave-in moisturiser beforehand to keep knots at bay and shield your hair from those pesky UV rays. Be sure to rinse your hair out straight away, too (take a water bottle with you to keep things easy) and reapply that leave in treatment. And for the love of God, PLEASE don’t tie your hair up in a wet bun. Please?!

#5 Turn Down The Heat

Your mind is about to be blown: if you’re using your straightener at over 185 degrees you’re doing it wrong. Yup, even regardless of how thick or frizzy your hair is. They key is using finer sections using longer strokes of the iron, not a high heat! Running the iron over the same section multiple times does nothing but dehydrate your hair and burn the colour off your hair—yikes! Oh, and you better be using a thermal protectant. Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Oil acts as a heat protectant and a treatment, and is one of the Bach girl’s faves.

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Image credit: Hayley Williamson

Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by Bach Hair and endorsed by The Urban List. 

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