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The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Wine With Cheese

By Phoebe McRae
11th Apr 2017

Everyone knows cheese makes the world go round. Add to wine to the mix and you’re living the #dream.

After many epic fails, we’ve worked out that matching cheese and wine is no easy feat. So we teamed up with the legends at Petaluma (these South Aussie vino lovers have been makin' the good stuff for over forty years) to bring you the top seven winning combos to impress your mate, your date or LBH, yourself. You can thank us post-food coma.



We know, Chardonnay isn’t always your go-to for a wine and cheese feast (although in 2017 it probably should be—don’t let those ‘80s style Chardys put you off). Go for a full flavoured, rich textured drop (think Petamula’s Piccadilly Valley) and pair it with creamy, white mold cheeses (we’re looking at you, Camembert) to get the best flavours from both. Your ABC friends (that’s ‘Anything But Chardonnay’) will be well impressed, just trust us.

Sauvignon Blanc

A cheeky bottle of Sauv is never a bad idea. Pair it with oh-so smooth goat’s cheese and you’re in for a good night (or day, we don’t judge). If you want to mix it up, try mozzarella if you’re, you know, feeling extra #fancy.   


Riesling and ricotta go together like milk goes with cookies, fish goes with chips and wine goes with cheese. Yes, we said ricotta, and yes, we mean it! Pop the ricotta on fresh, warm sourdough, top with anchovies, and serve with a fragrant and crisp Riesling, like Petaluma’s Hanlin Hill. You’re in for a real treat.



Best for our sweaty AF summer, Rosé is having a major moment (and LBH, sometimes red and white just won’t do). If you’re downing a glass (or three) of this pink perfection (opt for Petaluma’s Coonawarra Rosé if you’re after something dry), we suggest you get your fix of dairy goodness in the form of feta or rocchetta. If you’re sick of soft cheeses, Gruyere, Gruyere, Gruyere!



The only thing we like about winter is that it gives us another excuse to stay indoors stuffing ourselves silly with as much wine and cheese as we want, in the comfort of our own home. Grab a bold, spicy Shiraz (our pick is the B&V Vineyard Shiraz by Petaluma) and a block of smoked Gouda or aged cheddar then put on a fire (fake or real) for guaranteed good times.

Pinot Noir

Life’s too short to drink bad wine and eat flavourless cheese, so always pair the finest Pinot Noir you can afford with a damn good brie, and some berries to live your carb-filled life to the fullest (because you’re worth it).

Cabernet Sauvignon

There are few things in life as good as a glass of Cab Sauv, so when you’re buying a bottle, look for one that’s full flavoured and juicy like Petaluma’s Coonawarra. A sharp cheddar or Danish blue work best, but if you consider yourself somewhat of a cheese connoisseur, opt for a pecorino (our fave).

If you don’t want to do any of the tough work yourself (we hear you), just go visit Petaluma’s Woodside cellar door in the Adelaide Hills. Did someone say roadtrip?!

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Image credit: Ellie Baygulov

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