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We Check Out New Rooftop Bar, Eleven

By Joanna Fraser
12th Aug 2015

Brisbane is no longer content with being corralled into cramped dark places with sticky floors and booming music to party and socialise. We want Brisbane bars that look just as good in the bright sunshine, sweeping views that make us feel like we all actually live in New York or Hong Kong, and a menu that stays far, far away from sugary concoctions that have only briefly rubbed up against their alcoholic component. 

Enter Eleven Rooftop bar. The newest establishment of the Coats Group, the guys who are responsible for Jetty and Jetty Bulimba, Eleven Rooftop Bar is a bar that wouldn't look out of place perched on the top floor of a Bangkok skyscraper.

Marking the eleventh floor of 757 Ann St with its blue neon light, Eleven Rooftop Bar has drawn its influence from swanky poolside Vegas, with cushioned private booths and natural wooden details. A stuffy sit-down dinner venue it is not; Eleven’s menu focuses on elegant share plates that attest to the owner Jason Coat’s background in fine dining, and drinks that go beyond the average selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. 

Not just another party destination, Eleven sets itself apart with its well-appointed decor and generous opening hours. It really is the bar for every occasion, offering healthy weekday breakfasts, light lunches, and of course the delicious share plates to go alongside those night time cocktails.

Whether you’re trying to butter up your colleagues, seduce a lady friend à la Don Draper, or just get your morning acai bowl in, Eleven is the swiss army knife of Brisbane bars—multipurpose and just damn cool. With a flirtatious, grown-up feel and impressive views of the city, Eleven is the Brisbane rooftop bar that you have been waiting for.

Want the location, opening hours, and all the details? Find Eleven Rooftop Bar on The Directory!

Image credits: Ariana Gillrie

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