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Take Some Time Out At This Incredible Day Spa

By Phoebe Grealy
31st May 2016

After a stressful few weeks, the girls and I decided to treat ourselves with a spa date, and the luxe One Wybelenna out in beautiful Brookfield was top of our list.

Any good day starts with an epic brunch, so naturally we scheduled in a feast at the nearby Wild Canary in the Brookfield Garden Centre before we eagerly headed over to get pampered.

I’m not sure if it is scientifically possible, but we were chill from the moment we stepped in the door. In fact, we may have been chill from the moment we entered the stunning grounds. 

Maybe it's because One Wybelenna looks like the house of your architectural dreams with huge glass windows, zen interiors, heated pools and gorgeous gardens. Or maybe it's because as soon as we arrived we were set up on the enormous couch with soothing lemongrass and rosehip teas. Whatever the reason, we felt pretty damn happy.

In a stroke of genius, we’d organised to come in an hour before our treatments to use the spa. While we got ready for the pools and put on the provided fluffy robes, someone thoughtfully brought us out some chilled champagne and laid out the latest selection of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue magazines for us to read. Uh, thank you! 

The spa was a hot 38 degrees, while the infinity lap pool was a perfectly warm 27 degrees. In these perfect surrounds it seemed like the sun was shinier, the sky was bluer, the trees were stunningly green and we could never be more content.

In the blink of an eye the hour had passed. Usually that would be annoying, but yippee, it was time for our facials!

To avoid FOMO, my girlfriends and I all decided to get the same treatment: the divine custom facial. I wish I could describe this in more depth, but it was all a blur of beautiful smelling products, massages, warm towels and slipping into a deep sleep. To say it was awesome is an understatement.

As we all emerged in a delightfully relaxed daze, we met up and sat around sipping chilled water (it’s important to rehydrate) and discussed how incredibly relaaaaaxed we were and what excuse we could use to come back again immediately.

I’m not going to lie, One Wybelenna is definitely a splurge purchase, but I wouldn’t think twice about indulging again. If you have a birthday, special occasion or want to reward yourself, my vote very much goes to One Wybelenna. It’s an unparalleled spa heaven.

Want all the details and opening hours? Check out One Wybelenna in The Directory!

Image credits: Arian Gillrie

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