What’s Your Fitness Personality?

By Sophia McMeekin
13th Feb 2014


Mostly A's | Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You thrive on new experiences and feel bored easily. You need to push your body with the hottest fitness trends and you'll see the physical, as well as mental, rewards pretty fast. 

Stand up paddle boarding is like, so hot right now, and also a great way to tone your core. Riverlife offers a truly fun paddle boarding adventure, which is ideal for first timers (but it's still a challenge no matter what your fitness level).

Before your paddle board adventure kicks off from the Kangaroo Point cliffs you'll be treated to a training session by one of Riverlife's charming instructors, and then you can go at your own pace along the Brisbane river.

Mostly B's | Power Yoga

You treat your body with respect, kudos to you, kid. But at the moment your gently-gently approach to exercise isn't getting you the results you're after. What you need is a yoga rethink. New Farm Power Yoga combines the ancient Ashtanga Vinyasa methods with the latest dynamic techniques to strengthen and tone your body, while also taking you to that place of mental solitude you love in a work out. You'll leave feeling more focused and alert, and you'll see more visible results than you would just doing traditional yoga.

Mostly C's | Barre Class

You're stuck in an exercise rut and can tend to be a tad antisocial when it comes to fitness. Inspite of your deep connection to your iPod shuffle, your current regime isn't working wonders for you. What you need is a work out shake up, and we know just the thing. Fine Lines Pilates and Movement is the first Brisbane studio to offer Xtend Barre, which combines the total body toning of Pilates with the length and grace of dance moves. It'll leave you stretchy, buff, and looking better than ever.

Mostly D's | Reformer Pilates

Up until now you've been all about the social sport and building your big muscles – which is great, don't get us wrong. But it might be time to think about the little muscle groups you've been neglecting and get your bod into harmonious order. The reformer Pilates class at TPS Health is ideal for someone like you who might have a few injuries to content with (not that you'd let that stop you!). Because TPS Health also specialise in physiotherapy so they know a thing or two about keeping your body in good form, and Pilates is great way to strengthen those areas you tend to miss doing regular exercise (like the back, the core, and improve agility).

Mostly E's | Personal Training

You respond well to motivation. As a matter of fact, if you don't have a friend by your side or a trainer in your ear you find it hard to get off the couch. Structured work outs that have measurable goals, and visible results, are your fitness nirvana. The Results Room in Newstead offers the high level of attention you need to motivated. With regular screens for function, body composition, and physical fitness, there's no way you can go off track with these highly trained professionals helping you on your way.

Image credits: Quicksilver, NY Daily News, Power Yoga, Pinterst

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