When And Where To See The Super Blue-Blood Moon In Brisbane Tonight

By Jessica Pridmore
31st Jan 2018


Tonight's the night, Brisbane. The lunar event that only happens once every 150+ years is upon us—and that means turning off Netflix and getting the heck outside to witness with your eyeballs. If by some small chance you have no idea what we're talking about, we're here to bring you up to speed: enter, the super blue blood moon. So infrequent, it's likely the last of your relatives to witness this sky-gasm was your great grandparents. Now that's pretty impressive.

So, WTF is this super blue blood moon, you ask? The equivalent of an astrological Beyoncé, a.k.a triple threat, a super blue blood moon is the combination of  the following three lunar events, all happening at the exact same time—freaky right?

  1. A super moon—where the moon appears 15% bigger and 30% brighter than a regular moon due to its close proximity to Earth.
  2. A blue moon—the techical term for two full moons appearing in any given calendar month (this is actually quite common—go figure).
  3. An eclipse—this will occur as the Earth travels between the sun and the moon, subsequently resulting in an incredible blood red colour as the reflection of Earth's light bounces off the surface of the moon, while creating a shadow.

Feeling pretty insignificant right now? Same.

So, when and where can you witness this moon miracle? It's all about timing. To capture the supermoon, you're best viewing time is 6:26pm, as the sun sets (as this is when the moon is closest to the horizon, and therefore at it's largest). Want to see the lunar eclipse blood moon? At 9:48pm, the moon will start to turn a subtle red, while turning a deep red from 10:51pm-12:07am.

The best (uninterrupted) viewing platforms in Brisbane to put your eyes to the sky are Mt Coot-tha (obvs), Mount Gravatt and Kangaroo Point. Get out of town a little and avoid the light pollution and you'll be laughing.

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