Where To Find Thanksgiving Food In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
22nd Nov 2016

Thanksgiving in Brisbane

Though it’s not a scheduled part of the Australian agenda, we Aussies do love to jump on a holiday bandwagon, and Thanksgiving is no exception. For expats fleeing the wintry bluster and horrors that 2016 has unleashed on the grand old US of A, there are a few places in Brisbane’s tropical wonderland that can stave off the festive cravings.

This year, we’re thankful for everywhere that’s toting a load of Yankee Doodle deliciousness. Choose from some full on feasts, or just pick your pleasure, patriots.

Here’s where to find Thanksgiving food in Brisbane.

The Full Monty

Two-course Thanksgiving Dinner | Buffalo Bar

This year Buffalo Bar is offering a feast of plenty. Starting things off with a Sam Adams Boston lager or a glass of Rapture sparkling on arrival, guests can then indulge in an entrée of wings, cornbread and fried pickles before the main event: roast turkey with all the trimmings.

When: Thursday 24 November
How much: $48 pp. To book hit the link.

Thanksgiving Feast | Nantucket Kitchen and Bar

Nantucket is getting into a similarly festive swing with a two-course dinner featuring turkey tenderloins with chestnuts and cranberry sauce (ermehgerd!), a pumpkin pie and maple ice-cream dessert (we’re weak at the knees) and a cranberry and pomegranate bellini, because refreshment is nine tenths of a wild night.

When: Thursday 24 November
How much: $60 pp. For more info, click here.

Bonus Feast | Nickel Kitchen and Bar

Nantucket’s sister venue Nickel is bringing a similar red hot Thanksgiving feast to their Valley location. Nickel’s upping the ante with a three-course dinner starting off with cornbread and whipped honey butter, then a main of turkey tenderloin, side of mac’n cheese and green beans, all finished off with a slice of that pumpkin pie and a free hi-five from your dining partner.

When: Thursday 24th November
How much: $70 pp. To book your spot, click here.

Dish Delish

Mac n Cheese | Mac From Way Back

There is only one name in the game when it comes to Brisbane mac n cheese, and that’s Mac. This cheeky food truck has one specialty and they blow it out of the water every time. As with their peers, Mac From Way Back rumbles around to a bunch of different locations, but you can find Mac this Thanksgiving at the Milton Mini Markets. If you’re feeling particularly lazy (that turkey coma’s a killer), check out of picks of the best mac n cheese in Brisbane—we’re certain some will deliver.

Where: Milton Mini Markets, Cribb St Milton
When: 11am-1.30pm, Thursday 24 November

Cornbread | Carolina Kitchen

Better known for their wings, ribs, hoagies and chilli fries, Carolina Kitchen also happens to be a bigtime representative of everyone’s favourite Turkey Day fixin’, cornbread. If you’ve never tried this stuff you are seriously missing out on a golden chunk of heaven and I for one am affronted that it doesn’t have its own segment of the food pyramid.  You can also load up on some pumpkin, pecan, cherry or key lime pies while your there. Why not? It’s Thanksgiving.

Turkey Bagel | Green Beacon

Green Beacon’s delightful revampment of a classic Turkey sanga brings you the joy of leftovers without the agony of having people over. With goat’s cheese, rocket, doused in cranberry and orange jam, it’s the one-handed microcosm of Thanksgiving cheer for people on the go.

Pumpkin Pie | The Smoke BBQ

The best part about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to eat pumpkin pie—which is easily the most inventive use of a root vegetable barring Pringles. The Smoke BBQ’s Ma’s pumpkin pie is a testament to the ingenuity behind the best ever pumpkin-based dessert, and though it’s offered all year round, come Thanksgiving the Smoke adds a little extra festive goodwill into the recipe. Peace and love abounds.

You'll def need something sweet to ring in thanksgiving (we're not all obsessed with pumpkin pie!). Buy a slab of Brisbane's best brownies and call it a day.

Image credit: Paper N Stitch

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