Why Brisbane Is The Best City In The World

By Laura Walkley
9th Sep 2015

Things to do Brisbane

Brisbane has long been smirking in the smug shadows of Melbourne and Sydney, quietly knowing that our Southern neighbours don’t know what they’re missing out on in the Sunshine State. 

While our friends down South have conjured up some reasons they think you’d rather sell your kidney to be able to afford a green juice in Sydney, or actually have to own an umbrella in Melbourne, it’s time we settle this debate once and for all with a list that proves that Brisbane is the best city in the world. 

  1. The sky is always bluer in Brisbane, and the abundance of Vitamin D to go around means a nice glow and happiness for all.
  2. We are situated in the perfect central point between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, with mountain galore out West, a bay out East and Byron Bay and Noosa only a short road trip away. #locationgoals
  3. If those beaches aren’t close enough, there’s always South Bank’s beach, which comes with a side of amazing restaurants and top-notch picnic spots. 
  4. Brisbane’s diversity means that whether you prefer mountain surrounds, water views, inner-city apartment living or white picket fence suburbia, there’s a dream home waiting for you somewhere. 
  5. GOMA and the State Library prove that Brisbane is cultural and intelligent, even if the glass room in the Library gets exploited for its admirable tanning potential.
  6. Brisbane’s small enough to have 14 mutual friends with a new acquaintance on Facebook, but big enough that you can wear your pyjamas to the supermarket and not run into anyone.
  7. All of our best night-life is within fairly close proximity, meaning no time and money is wasted on trekking from bar to bar.
  8. Eat Street Markets guarantee that everyone has something to do on the weekend, which should naturally revolve around eating. 
  9. Things are slightly more affordable. Hopefully I’ll have a deposit on a house before I’m 92 (we’re looking at you Sydney).
  10. At last count, Brisbane has over ten cafes dedicated solely to the consumption of doughnuts, which is taking us further from our house deposit goals as the list continues to expand at rapid pace.
  11. Kangaroo Point’s wicked views make exercising slightly less painful.
  12. Splendour, Falls and Woodford Festivals don’t require flights to get to.
  13. If you want to get somewhere fast, all you need to do is pay $4.15 and you’re guaranteed the tunnels will be traffic free. In fact you mightn’t even see another vehicle at all. (When will the government understand we need that $4 for doughnuts?)
  14. Rooftop bars in Brisbane are bustling and you won’t even need a cardigan to party most months of the year.
  15. The Story Bridge is nice, and on Riverfire it is a sight to see. 
  16. Suncorp Stadium and The Gabba aren’t even phased by the MCG’s existence. They know they’re cool.
  17. You can enjoy Brisbane’s rollercoaster of a river on a City Cat, and are guaranteed to be greeted aboard by the friendliest public transport attendant of all time.
  18. QPAC is guaranteed to get any of the best shows that have been trialled in Sydney and Melbourne for quality assurance before being seen by very important Brisbane audiences. 
  19. We have so many good craft beer joints and coffee shops, but aren’t snobby about it (take a leaf out of our book, Melbourne.)
  20. North, South, East and West sides all get their own renovated Westfield and the inner-city is filled with clothing boutique gems for the alty. 
  21. Mountains galore (Cootha, Nebo, Glorious) out West have some sweet bush walks and plenty of Instagram-worthy lookouts.
  22. Our ultra-cool laneways aren’t packed with tourists taking photos with graffiti walls.
  23. We have insanely beautiful islands on our doorstep, which easily give us the best day trip and weekend getaway options of any given city.
  24. The plethora of riverside dining options means we never have to eat without a good view.
  25. We have the Brisbane Festival, and it’s this month!

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Image credit: Jeff Andersen

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