17 Things We’d Love To See Happen On The Gold Coast In 2016

By Sally Coates
4th Apr 2016

While it’s undeniable the Gold Coast is growing and thriving at an impressive rate, we’re still always wanting more.

This is a good way to be. It ensures you’re always striving for greatness, which is exactly what this list represents. It’s a list of everything we’d like to see happen on the Gold Coast in 2016, you know, the real stuff. The stuff that matters.

It’s not just a list, it’s #lifegoals.

1. First and foremost, a 24-hour Kmart. If this is the only thing on this list that’s fulfilled in 2016, we’ll be happy.

2. Now hear us out: a gourmet pie shop. Golden, savoury pastries; sweet, flaky desserts; unique and inventive flavours; it shall be called “The Life of Pie”. Thank us later.

3. An adult-sized ball pit/night club where fun is compulsory and OH&S is non-existent.

4. A dog café. No no, not like a café where dogs are welcomed; a café run BY dogs. You’ve got the hipster Frenchie behind the coffee machine, the bubbly Border Collie waiting on your table, and the large-and-in-charge German Shepherd patrolling the joint. EPIC!

5. Also, a cat café! You know the ones that Melbourne and Brisbane have where you can go in and pat kitties while you drink coffee? Coffee and cats = heaven.

6. Justin Lane, House of Brews, and Mexicali have kicked this one off well, but… more rooftop bars! Since we’ll be drinking earlier thanks to the lockout laws, there’s no better way to get tickled and soak up some sun!

7. Less choice of awesome cafés... seriously guys you’re making it really tough deciding where to go on a Saturday morning.

8. An IKEA or Costco instead of yet another hardware store or supermarket.

9. A local vote, electing one sport to be added to the Commonwealth Games in 2018, like beer pong or duck-duck-goose.

10. Just one festival! PLEASE!! We’ll be good, we promise!

11. A free shuttle bus up to Mount Tamborine Winery so we can get sloshed, um we mean “cultured”, and have a safe and awesome way home.

12. Tom Tate’s plan for a ferry service to be fulfilled.

13. The light rail tram to be painted as a huge caterpillar.

14. Food eating competitions! Imagine a large-scale, hugely publicised hotdog eating comp with The Weiner Haus, a taco eating comp at Bonita Bonita, a burger eating comp at Ze Pickle, or a pasta eating comp at Gemelli. The hilarity!

15. A 7-Eleven-style “BYO Cup Day” at Brooklyn Depot, but instead of filling a bucket with slurpee you fill it with cheese and gravy sauce.

16. For all the rocking venues of the Gold Coast to put their heads together and create a definitive “Gold Coast cocktail” that’s not just a vodka lime and soda. #shreddingforstereo

17. We would give up popcorn for a bed cinema like the lucky folk in Sydney. Okay, but we take back the popcorn comment.

What do you want to see happen on the Gold Coast in 2016? Tell us in the comments! 


Photo Credit: Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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