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20 Moments In Life That Call For Cheese

By Sophia Fukunishi
27th Mar 2016

We’re not sure what life was like before the existence of cheese, but we’re pretty certain it was fairly grim.

Being the cheese enthusiasts we are, we are also firm believers in the fact that most things (including pivotal life moments) are made better with cheese. Take, for example, a burger. Add cheese and you get a cheeseburger, one of life’s greatest foods. And what would a toastie be without cheese? Boring, is what. Got a party? Well it ain’t one if cheese isn’t invited. You get the picture.

Whether it’s a stinky blue, a vintage cheddar, or a triple cream brie, there are some times in life that are made better with cheese. Here are 20 Metropolist-approved moments that call for our special friend, cheese.

1. You’ve finally finished House of Cards (yay, you!) on Netflix and are about to settle into an Orange Is The New Black binge session.

2. You have a half bottle of wine left in the fridge that needs company.

3. It’s Friday! Woo!

4. It’s Monday. Boo.

5. You’ve just turned 18 and as a legal adult, you can now eat cheese and cheese alone for breakfast/lunch/dinner because you’re your own boss now.

6. Because you’ve just found out you’re not pregnant. Eat all the cheese!

7. You finally have the house to yourself. Take advantage of this rarity by eating a whole wheel of cheese in one sitting. No one is around, so no one can judge.

8. You managed to eat that whole wheel of cheese. Congratulate and challenge yourself by eating another one. Note: we aren’t responsible for the crazy cheese dreams that ensue.

9. You’re about to start a three-day juice cleanse.

10. Your three-day juice cleanse is over!

11. You just purchased some fancy new cheese knives. Better give those bad boys a test drive.

12. You’ve acquired a lover. Celebrate this union with the eating of cheese.

13. You made it through the week without eating a single burger.

14. You’re staying relevant and downloaded Snapchat. Share your cheese-eating stories with your two Snapchat friends.

15. It’s your own birthday. Insist on cheese instead of cake.

16. It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere. You must celebrate this with cheese.

17. You did the most excellent reverse park.

18. You went to exercise class the exact number of times this week as you promised yourself.

19. You’ve rid yourself of the sofa you had from your uni days. Eat cheese like the adult you now are.

20. It’s cheese! Who needs an excuse?

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