25 Signs It's Time To Move Out Of Home

By Natasha Van Der Laan
31st May 2016

Living at home is pretty much a dream. Think: cheap rent, home-cooked meals, free laundry service (if you’re lucky) and cuddles from mum.

As good as it is, there comes a point when enough is enough and it’s time to spread your wings and fend for yourself in the big, wide world. If you’re wondering whether you should stay or go, here are 25 signs it’s time to move out of home.

1. You’re older than 30. Actually, let us rephrase: you’re older than 25.

2. You sleep in a single bed.

3. Your mum changes the sheets on said single bed.

4. The 10-year-old neighbour keeps asking you to play with them.

5. You have nooo idea how to cook.

6. The same goes for your laundry—you still haven’t mastered that. You have to learn how to deal with your own beetroot stains at some stage.

7. Your love life is M.I.A.

8. Alternatively, you’re still in the game but you have to ask your one-night-stand to leave by climbing out the window before 5am.

9. Let’s be honest, your parents have a better sex life than you do.

10. As far as you’re concerned, the electricity bill pays itself.

11. We hate to break it to you, but you’re an absolute slob #sorrynotsorry.

12. You might be in your mid-twenties but you have a 10pm curfew.

13. You’re still rocking bright pink curtains.

14. And a Harry Potter duvet cover.

15. With animal posters on the walls.

16. And you have three decades’ worth of stuff in your teeny tiny room.

17. Your mum folds your undies and puts them away.

18. Even your younger sister doesn’t live at home.

19. You live waaaay out in the ’burbs, meaning your commute to work takes foreverrr.

20. And people assume you live in the ‘burbs because you have a family of your own.

21. Thanks to mum, you’re still living that packed lunch dream.

22. Your friends are moving back home to have kids.

23. You have to resort to porn mags because you can’t risk searching that shit online.

24. Your family cat uses your room as a litter box to drop the hint it’s time to move out.

25. Even your parents are judging you.

This article first appeared on our sister site, The Urban List


Photo Credit: Movie Pilot

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