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6 Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You’d Stop Doing

By Kristina Sariyiannis
9th Dec 2015

Have you ever left the hairdresser feeling like you’re a goddamn superstar, only to sabotage your perfect look days later by using cheap shampoo and turning your silky locks into tumbleweed?

Ladies, listen up. Here’s our advice on what not to do, so your hair stays absolutely fabulous, today, tomorrow, and forevs.

1. DIY hair colour

We’ve all made the horrendous mistake of DIY hair colour. You know the drill…It’s Saturday morning and your hair is looking oh so dull. You call your hairdresser and she’s booked solid. Crap! You dash to your nearest pharmacy and pick up a $12.99 bottle of semi-permanent hair colour in “chocolate brown”. You do your thing, put the hair dye in and to your despair the “chocolate brown” you so desperately wanted ends up jet black, leaving you looking like Morticia Adams with black leopard spots stained on your forehead. Fail. Then you end up spending half of the week’s salary at the hairdresser trying to fix your mistake because DIY hair dye is really hard to remove. If you’d just been patient and waited to visit your pal at the salon in the first place, you would have avoided the blotchy forehead and the hair colour disaster.

2. Using cheap styling products

When you finish up in the chair and your mane is silky and smooth enough to make Rapunzel jealous, your hairdresser will probably explain you need a certain product to upkeep your gorgeous new ‘do. Chances are, he/she just wants you to get the best out of your new look so you can maintain it at home. Next time you fork out dollar bills at the hair salon, allow your budget to include a couple of essential salon-quality products. Cheap styling products contain detergents and other nasty ingredients. When your hairdresser next suggests what’s going to work best for your hair type—listen girlfriend!

3. Going HAM on the heat styling tools

GHD stands for Great Hair Destiny, right? Regardless, whoever invented the straightening and curling iron is an absolute godsend. Can you actually imagine life without them? We feel anxious just thinking about it. But with every good thing, likely comes bad too…Heat styling tools can murder your luscious hair follicles. If you have ratty split ends and your hair is falling off faster than the speed of light, chances are you’re going hard as a mother on the heat styling tools. Try and take a couple of natural hair days per week, and when you can’t resist the hot plates, use heat protection spray!

4. Over-Shampooing

Many of us are guilty of shampooing our hair too often. Who else hates it when their hair is looking fab right before a sweaty gym sesh? You know the feeling right, when you CBF to re-wash and straighten your hair for tomorrow? You’re not alone. Truth is, most of the time your hair is not dirty, it’s just wet. Dry and style it as normal to avoid shampooing your hair every day. After all, over-shampooing strips hair of its natural oils and will leave your locks looking dull and dry. If you’re feeling paranoid about skipping the daily shampoo, try using a dry shampoo instead.

5. Rocking the tight ponytail

Some days you need that extra bit of snooze time in the morning, and if that means you have to sacrifice your glamorous beach waves for a tight high ponytail, then so be it. Right? Tight ponies can help you feel amazeballs on the days when you really just cannot be bothered, but they can also be weapons of mass destruction on hair follicles. Having your hair up in a tight ponytail causes strain on your already beaten up ends. And sleeping in a ponytail is also an absolute no-no. Ditch the elastic, loosen up that mane, and let your hair follicles breathe.

6. Too much sea salt

Let’s be honest, Queensland is #blessed with some pretty incredible swim and surf spots. You’ll never stop us getting high on life from that crisp ocean air and sparkling salt water. Although a swim at the beach may be downright good for the soul, it isn’t so good for maintaining Jennifer Anniston-like hair. It’s a love-hate relationship when the sea salt gives you that temporary beach babe look, but then a few hours later makes your hair feel drier than the Aussie Outback. Remember, rinse out the salt water after your swim and ask your hairdresser for the best hair oil or conditioning treatment that’ll save your locks from beach addiction repercussions.


Kristina Sariyiannisis a self-confessed pasta addict and Greek frappe enthusiast who loves spending her free time with sand between her toes and salt water through her hair. There’s nothing she loves more than sharing her culinary adventures with family and friends. Follow Kristina’s adventures on her blog here

Photo Credit: Esteban Rivera

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