8 Things The Rest Of Australia Should Thank Queensland For

By Daniel Colasimone
21st May 2016

Queensland is the best place to live in Australia, there’s little doubting that. Any Queenslander will agree, and anyone from another state who denies it is quite obviously insane.

There are a million reasons the rest of the country should thank this state. Here are just a few of them.

Pat Rafter

This Mount Isa-born tennis player is easily the most loved and best Australian in history. Pat Rafter was a decent tennis player—he even made it to world number one for like two weeks—but Australians appreciate him much more for being very handsome and a really nice fella. Sporting heroes from other states inevitably come weighed down by flaws (Shane Warne the bogan Ken doll, Lleyton Hewitt the bleating manchild) but our Patrick is nothing short of perfect.

Bundaberg Rum

Bundy Rum is not just Australia’s most popular spirit, it’s a lifestyle choice. Every booze drinker in Australia has experienced at least one evening on the Bundy and Cokes. For most of us, it was closer to a decade than an evening. There’s no other drinking experience quite like it. Every gulp of the sweet combination of sugary liquor and sugary cola is both wretched and pleasurable, akin to being punched in the face by a naked Margot Robbie. And the largely blacked-out evenings it produces, so full of love and anger, laughter and tears, are totally worth the splitting headache and frequent trips to the bathroom the next day.


The city of Bundaberg itself is a true gem among cities. Would it be going too far to say it’s Australia’s greatest place? No. Bundaberg is regularly voted as the best city or town in the country for many reasons, but primarily for Ingo Rademacher and lung fish.

Hey, Hey We’re the Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos have only been around since 1988, but in that time they have become the NRL’s most formidable superpower, racking up a breezy six premierships. Aside from sticking it to the southern clubs, though, and showcasing Wayne Bennett’s radiant smile to the world, the Broncos greatest achievement was arguably the 1992 smash hit, Hey, Hey We’re the Broncos, by the Ipswich Connection (vocals by Kerrod and Kevin Walters, and Allan Langer). It’s a hauntingly beautiful ballad about the unmitigated joy that rugby league can generate. It’s not just a wonderful sporting anthem, it’s a wonderful song, full stop.

Bindi Irwin

What a vivacious little Aussie Bindi Irwin is! Following in her famous dad’s footsteps, Bindi has almost single-handedly ensured that Americans haven’t forgotten that Australia exists. Not only is she great at doing wildlife… stuff… she also beat every other dancer in the USA to be crowned champion dancer. Hashtag so proud.

World Expo ‘88

This remains the greatest party ever thrown on Australian soil. They’ll still be talking about it 300 years from now. Together, we showed the world.

Savage Garden

“Superstars and cannonballs running through your head.”
“She packs her bags for outer space and now she’s waiting for the right kind of pilot to come.”
“I want to run through the jungle, the wind in my hair and the sand at my feet.”
Without the city of Logan, Savage Garden would never have existed. Without Savage Garden the above lyrics would never have been written. Thank you Logan. Thank you Savage Garden.


Australia’s reputation as a beach paradise is 90 per cent down to Queensland. The Sunshine State is bathed in warm, sunny weather for between 350 and 360 days a year, and our beaches are mint. When foreigners picture our country, they picture Queensland. Thank our lucky stars for that. Consider some of the other states. Victoria is a bleak, miserable place. When it’s not drizzling or raining there, it’s sleeting. New South Wales is an urban wasteland made up of concrete and steel and false smiles. Western Australia is a roasting desert, Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic nightmare made real.

Queensland. It’s got to be Queensland.


Photo Credit: Bundaberg Rum

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